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90 series

  1. L

    Radiator overheating

    Hi everyone, my Land Cruiser Colorado/ Prado (95 series 1KT-TE) has finally succumbed to needing a new radiator after just passing 250,000 miles. the original one was in a state and was getting very hot on the radiator top where it eventually started to leak from. I had serviced it well over the...
  2. L

    Rocker cover gasket replacement

    Hi all, is looking like I need to replace my rocker cover gasket on my LC Colorado 3.0L diesel (1KZ-TE) as there's a huge amount of leaking around it. She's also been losing oil recently, requiring small top-ups every few weeks. She on 244,000 miles so she's done well to get this far I think...
  3. Brecht

    Audio upgrade?

    I was wondering, did anyone ever bothered with replacing/upgrading the speakers in the car. Would it be worth it or waste of time? I guess it would make a difference after +21 years. Let me know if you have/haven't!
  4. Inexorable 90

    Good morning!

    Your name: Paul and Gabi Your Cruiser: 90 Series 2000 Prado Mods on your Cruiser: 33" tyres, 2" lift, bonnet mounted tracks, 3" stainless exhaust....long list of others will eventually list here. Plans for your Cruiser: This is our weekender to get a way from city and to enjoy the many amazing...
  5. M

    Knocking sound from the rear when car is not loaded

    Hi, I have some problems with a noise in the rear of my 1998 toyota lancruiser 90 series. It is a knocking sound that is presenet mostly on extension of the suspension when driving overt potholes or bumps. With a full car with a trunk full of luggage the sound disappears unless I drive over...
  6. M

    E 10 petrol warning “dangerous do not use “ 90 95 series

    I have a 3.4 Landcruiser Colorado reg 2000 so probably manufactured 1999 , owned this for last 15 years never any issues with engine in all this time, I renewed the petrol tank while refurbishing the under belly due to the road salt we have in Scotland, anyway to get to the point Brand new tank...
  7. spnk

    SOLD: 90 Series Tilt Altimeter Gauge

    For sale an original 90 series tilt altimeter gauge. Fully working, but the wire misses the mother plug (the one that goes in to the father plug underneath the passenger airbag). A new wire costs around 20 eur / gbp / usd, depending on where you buy it from, hence the asking price. You can also...
  8. zsandoe

    1kz-te Injectors

    I have a kzj95 prado and I’m interested in doing the injectors. It has 126k miles. Should I replace the injectors or rebuild? I’m mechanically inclined so the scope of work doesn’t worry me. Either way, where can I find the parts for rebuild or the new replacements? A google search hasn’t really...
  9. RNS

    Sub tank to VZJ95 LHD 97 Europe

    Has finished the installation sub tank to my VZJ95. Now I have 90+70 liters and can go more then 1000km on one filling. It is 90% assembled of Toyota factory components except wiring. The tank itself is from Hilux Surf 185, two way fuel tank inlet is stock, main valve is from 100...
  10. goodoldboy

    Bad vibrations

    as opposed to good vibes... Passengers tell me its not that bad but im pulling out what little hair i have left. Its a KZJ 95 auto 203 000 miles 265770 Cooper AT3s every suspension bush has been replaced , top & bottom ball joints & most if not all of the UJs . My mechanic has had the props off...
  11. T

    Prado 3.0l diesel workshop manual.

    Hi all, Im looking for a link or something to a workshop manual for my 2000 3.0l Prado... I have searched the web and this site but have only found broken links as of yet. Thanks in advance. Tristan.
  12. D

    90 series MOD's

    Ok I am new to the 4x4 scene and have bought a 1999 Toyota Landcruiser Prado and currently upgraded to central locking, interior lights and reversing camera and currently looking into adding a bull bar, winch and driving lights in the coming weeks/months. My question is whether I can fit a 80...
  13. D

    Gremlins in my central locking

    Hi all, I have just purchased a 90 series Toyota Prado and in the past few days the central locking has been playing up. When I say playing up I am referring to the central locking continuously unlocking itself intermittently. Sometimes happens numerous times in a short period or can go all...