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Rocker cover gasket replacement


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Nov 4, 2021
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Hi all, is looking like I need to replace my rocker cover gasket on my LC Colorado 3.0L diesel (1KZ-TE) as there's a huge amount of leaking around it. She's also been losing oil recently, requiring small top-ups every few weeks. She on 244,000 miles so she's done well to get this far I think!

Please can anyone advise if this is a big/ difficult job as I've done lots of suspension work & steering work on the cruiser before but never touched the engine. Is there anything I need to be careful of so as to not cause serious damage?

Also, I'm ordering the gasket from RoughTrax; do I need to order any silicone gasket sealant for the job too?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi - it's not a big or difficult job. Clearly, you have to remove the aluminium and plastic intake pipes and a few cables and brackets to lift off the cam cover easily, but nothing tricky. I replaced mine using a Roughtrax gasket and did not use any sealant around the gasket, but I do have slight leak again, so I'll use sealant next time.

You do have to use sealant on the half- moon plug at the back and the joint between the head and front cover anyway. I'm thinking I may have not done that bit correctly.

I'm interested to hear others' advice.
No this isn't a hard job. When I've done jobs like this I put the small parts like bolts into separate ziplock bags and label them.

Good mechanics gloves are good for these types of jobs.

Got to do the same job on my 5VZ at some stage.