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E 10 petrol warning “dangerous do not use “ 90 95 series


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Aug 1, 2021
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I have a 3.4 Landcruiser Colorado reg 2000 so probably manufactured 1999 , owned this for last 15 years never any issues with engine in all this time, I renewed the petrol tank while refurbishing the under belly due to the road salt we have in Scotland, anyway to get to the point Brand new tank, filled up with 25lts jerrycan of the new E10 petrol as it’s the only grade we can get within 12 miles from home, put the motor for its mot same local garage (half a mile away) for the last 15 years, It failed the emission test no matter how much the mechanics tried to tweak the test, assuming it was reading bad due to slight leak on exhaust system. The power steering was also intermittently working . Repaired exhaust and it helped a little bit with the steering, took it for a good 20 miles run, the engine was sounding really rough and power was up and down like it was not firing on all cylinders, pulled in to local filling station to put in more petrol that’s when I realised that they only sell the new E10 petrol ? Could that be the reason, decided to travel 12 more miles to find E5 95 octane petrol, filling the tank fully at £1.49 per litre , thrashed the motor all the way home and some more distance to mix the fuel, happy to report the engine is now running better, power steering fine , still would go for the higher 99 octane fuel if I can find it but this situation with all filing stations changing to E10 this is definitely going to be a problem for all folks who live in rural areas. I already suffer because i also own a 2003 Amazon 100 series 4.7 with LPG nearest garage that sells LPG is a 44 miles round trip, other motors i own are Lexus LS 400 and 2 x Nissan Elgrand,s. 3.5 petrol all are high octane 95 or the 99 premium that I have always used. This is a nightmare what is happening with these new petrol regulations and reading the RAC website it’s going to affect over 600000 motors in the UK.
I don't understand how the fuel or the exhaust can affect the steering that is a hydraulic pump running on it's own hyd fluid......
Agree E10 is utter rubbish and only introduced to force older vehicles off the road
My Cruiser is diesel but I have petrol bikes in which I've been using E5 SU, even though they are relatively new vehicles and will run on E10. E5 is easy to obtain in towns but I've noticed that many rural stations are now selling only E10. One particular station where I used to fill up regularly said they didn't sell enough E5 SU to keep it on which is strange when you realise demand for it has increased since E10 was brought in.
As far as your steering problem goes, I'm with Grimbo, I can't see the a link between the two issues. With the rough running issue, has your engine been tuned/remapped or modified from standard at all?
Luckily E5 is easy to get where I am and run my old Land Rovers on it without seemingly any problems up to now. My Boxster is apparently ok to run on E10 but I only use E5.
the pump for the power steering kicks in under pressure of force from the engine if the pressure of the engine is low due to air leak such as no pressure build up from the exhaust system then it becomes difficult to steer, Try your power steering next time you have a poor exhaust !!!! You may be surprised how many things won’t work if air pressure inward or outwards if too much or to little, my stiff steering issues was at low revs. high revs helps free it off , Anyway all my issues where solved when I used 95 octane fuel.

this is only my opinion for today,
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I use shell v-power or tesco 99 on my Golf R to get the max 310 horses, and I believe that is still E5
Last 2 tankfulls in the V6 have been E10 and I havn't noticed any difference from the two previous tankfuls of V-Power.
Wait until diesel goes B10......

I don’t think that will be a huge issue for the diesels?, my old 3.0 TD had to make do with a bit of cooking oil during the fuel shortage, ran fine, although it only got about 15 litres of the stuff!.
Got to agree with on the good old 3.0 TD....I ran mine on waste aviation fuel rather than queuing at the pumps for the entire day recently.
Got to agree with on the good old 3.0 TD....I ran mine on waste aviation fuel rather than queuing at the pumps for the entire day recently.

It wasn’t just me who got caught out then!, glad yours ran ok too.

I got some very funny looks from a guy in a fairly recent C Class diesel when I was pouring it in the tank, he asked if that actually works, I said yeah it works fine on this but I’d not try it in your car in a million years!.
Here in Australia we have E10 which contains 10% ethanol. One of our suzuki swifts was filled regularly with the stuff for a while and the hoses dissolved and gummed up the engine so they had to do a rebuild. I won't touch the stuff, I use 91 octane usually and then run 95 now and then to clean the system...
We've had our car (2009 Lancer) since new and for a year or 2 we did run E10 with no issues but when switching back to 91 it seems a lot happier and slightly more powerful especially at higher loads e.g. moderate hills at 60km/h in 4th.

With the Prado I have only used 91 since I got that no idea what it had used in it before but it's all on original hoses etc
Ive been running our old Corsa 1.2 on E10, been getting a consistent mpg and runs fine, but next tank will be E5 to see if there's a difference.

I'm really suspicious of Morrisons diesel though, I always use the same garage, have done since I got the Hilux in 2015. Ive noticed that my mpg has dropped from about 27mpg down to 24mpg, I suspect that they are already watering down their diesel with Ethanol. I'd like to use garage fuel, but the difference is cost is prohibitive, about 14p per litre. I might start adding a cetane booster.