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  1. lc150-fan

    LC150 Engine whining noise - Prado 150 3.0 140kw 2011

    Hi all, The question is related to LC 150 3.0 140kw from 2011. Anyone had this whining noise (at 0:11-0:12 sec): Currently the car has 214.000 km on the clock, injectors done at 172.000 km. The new injectors are within spec (within -1, +1 interval). The car runs just fine, no trouble codes...
  2. dezz1990

    Annoying sound while driving, back right

    Hi LC fans and owners :) Anyone has an idea what it could be? Thought about bearing first, but the wheel seems to be firm in place, no "play to shake" when lifted up! Also, sometimes it stops for some minutes, and start again. Though i have the feeling its getting worse. Could it still be...
  3. E

    Knocking sound on my front land cruiser 80

    I already changed my bushings. Why? This noise is annoying and i can feel it when it knocking
  4. I

    New LC owner, Suspension & AC issues - Advice

    Hi, I just got hold of my LC 2011 GX with 135K km on the clock. The pervious owner has installed a 2" lift on the suspension coil/shock absorber. Everything time I accelerate or brake, there is a clunk/Click noise that comes, sometimes from all 4 wheels but mostly from the front end. I took it...
  5. zsandoe

    Prado 95 Noise at highway speed, Any ideas???

    So I just purchased my prado about a month ago and I have to say, I am already in love with it. Everything is great except for a pesky noise at highway speeds. Here are the details: The noise seems to start around 60-65 MPH on the highway. Its a loud noticeable bass type vibration or humming...
  6. Kileni

    best ways to decrease noise levels?

    Obviously an older car is going to make a little more noise, but what are some good ways to decrease the overall volume level inside the LJ70? Thanks!
  7. Robzimbo

    Revised: Stone doesn't eat brake caliper. Rim eats caliper.

    Not sure where to post this - 'Brakes', 'Trip reports', 'pub chat'... but it happened to my 105 so I'll put it here, though I guess it could have happened to any vehicle. I was up in Meru National Park a couple of weeks ago. I crossed a river, and soon after there was a scraping sound from the...
  8. Matt Wright

    Transmission / Torque converter / Diff / Tires NOISE :(

    Hi guys Been a while since I posted. I've done a bunch of stuff to my truck which I'll write up in the maintenance section but I am still plagued by a NOISE in the front of the car that is driving me nuts to the point that I accelerate as little as possible to tone the noise down. Confirmed: I...
  9. H

    Sound insulation

    Hi I hope someone can advise me. I am new to Land cruisers and have a question - when I drive at say 50/60 miles per hour I have a lot of wind noise - I cannot feel the wind just hear it. Anybody have the same problem? What is the solution if any? Thanks Hugo