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5th Gear Tonight


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Feb 24, 2010
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5th gear tonight has Squeaky Henderson and the other idiot testing the Disco and new Land Cruiser. Well I have a pound on the Landie. Why - well it's easy money isn't it. They'll use some ridiculous test of how good it is by seeing how many watermelons will fit in the boot or how much fluid the washer bottle holds. That is of course if the Landie make it to the test ground. :pray: :pray: :pray:

I loved the really rubbish tow rope, looks like something you could get at a petrol station for a few quid :lol:
Well how wrong was I?

The tow challenge was clearly an overwhelming win for the Disco taking only minutes to pull the LC almost 1 meter. I mean that really is impressive and clearly an empirical test. Next the rescue challenge. An inflatable Knob Jockey in distress, no room for human input here. The disco rescued our lifeless chum all by itself proving that its incredible wading characteristics are no match for water at almost wheel height. I was sweating I can tell you. Then lastly, the not remotely subjective test where the faster you drove the vehicle the quicker you completed the course. Here I think they cheated. They just drove the LC faster. I mean what sort of conclusion is that? IF they had driven the Disco faster then they surely would have won wouldn't they. Luckily, it was two out of three, so the Disco secured another epic victory proving that it is the best 4x4 in the World. (Well that is what the test set out to prove.).

Here was me suggesting that they'd do something facile like put watermelons in the boot. Well, as soon as the dealer is open in the morning, I shall be placing my order that's for sure. Nope, no question. build quality and reliability aside. It's most certainly the vehicle that I would trust to get me to the supermarket. Obviously the coin holder comes in handy for storing change in the get bus home when it WON'T F*+£!^@ START.

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Chris, the wadeing depth for a Disco is about 2/3rds of the hight of the wheel :shock: So when in the water they were over the limit :o

Well that goes to show even more how superb they are. Even a complete idiot can own one and get away with it. It was way out of its depth then. Impressive. Even more so when you consider that almost all of the electrics were still working afterwards. Apparently, you can pay extra for an off road pack where they will specially weather proof the external electrics for you. My mate didn't have this on his new one and what a mistake that was. He ran through a really big puddle on the A75 at 2 in the morning and it stopped him dead. Well I said, you've only yourself to blame. Fancy not getting that done and then taking it through serious conditions like that. Makes no sense at all.

"This next test is brought to you by our proud sponsors, Land Rover UK."

Just watched it, pretty biased and fairly useless test