90 fuel pump, 1KZTE.


Mar 22, 2010
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Well lads,
Just want to know the ins and outs of fiddling around with the fuel pump.

Ive read in other posts on other forums about fiddling with it trying to get optimum mpg or trying to get the most of of veg oil.

Im primarly concerned with my LC's MPG, trying to see how high I can get it, im constantly round 30-32 at the minute, the LC is a SWB commercial conversion so its a bit lighter, im on roadies and have blanked the egr, removed throttle plate and changed all the filters, oil and brake pads, all wheels are turning freely, no stuck callipers.
I have no snorkel or roof rack or anything that would cause drag even though I have read that the snorkel can improve your MPG.

So any info on my fuel pump or how to tweak my MPG would be helpful.
Thanks lads, Liam.