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Aircon refill - Halfords aircon-in-a-can worth it?

They work - but not from Halfords. Waaaay too expensive. Even with offer. Look on the net. Try autokool in Barlborough near Chesterfield. They even sell Toyota O ring sets.

I can speak from experience here. Chris is right. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too expensive. Will get you out of a hole of you are REALLY stuck. Otherwise use Mt T or Twit Fit. There's nowhere near enough in a can to fill the system in a LC120. I used Twit Fit a couple of months back and the 2 cans (yes 2 :whistle: ) that I had filed into it last year didn't even register on the machine when it was purging and recovering gas. :doh: :shock: They filled the 800+ grams and so far so good. I had a % off voucher from them from tyre fitting the previous day and got a tenner off. Total job £39 and I got another % off voucher for use on SWMBO's RAV.
You lose about 10% per year they reckon, but as long as it's pressurised then there is no air getting in. So, the cans do work for a top up. I tried one and it was like driving a mobile blast chiller. But if it's empty of thereabouts, you MUST have the air vacuumed out professionally. Or by Twit Fit.

I recommend Kwik fit as well, I paid £25 out of season for a suck out and refill.
Just beware that if you have a LC 120 with rear aircon, TwitFit will stuff it up ... :x
:hand: :naughty:
Best to go to Mr T I reckon :violin:
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Crispin, next time your in the area give me a shout & I will do it for you.
Thanks Fellas.

In the little glass bubble I can just about see (unless I am imagining it) some liquid. Today it blows cold are, on Saturday it was blowing lukewarm air.

Locrep - Thanks! I'll send you a PM.
Gary Stockton said:
Just beware that if you have a LC 120 with rear aircon, TwitFit will stuff it up ... :x
:hand: :naughty:
Best to go to Mr T I reckon :violin:

Don't agree Gary. The system is the system and they just purge and refill. As long at the 800g or so are added it will be fine. Don't forget it is added as a gas and is not like a water based rear heater that can air lock and such nonsense. Having said that, my local dealer quoted £50 I think but Twit Fit was much closer and a bit cheaper so a bit of a no brainer. And I could stand there watching everything he did. :shifty:

Crispin, that glass viewer should be bubble free, or pretty close, on full cooling load. If it is very bubbly or visibly low on liquid at that point you may need a top up only.
Many thanks to Locrep!! :clap: :clap: . It's chucking ice cubes at me now! :D
When Locrep filled it, he stuck some lovely neon-green dye in (I swear I had socks the same colour back in the day... :oops: ). After a day of running it, I saw a leak. Lovely bright green ooze on one of the pipe joins between the compressor and fixed pipes attached to the body.

Call to Mr-T, "yup, you'll have to replace the pipes. Happens often" For the two, it came in at about £350! Not even Ian could ease that one (I had not yet asked...)
Some peering at the EPC and see there is an o-ring between the two pipes. £2.50 or there abouts for the o-ring.

A trip back to Locrep to remove all the refrigerant, 60 seconds to swap o-ring (really, it was that quick) put pipe back together, refill with good stuff and I'm away.
So far, a week later and lots of aircon and not a sign of a leak. :dance: :D

Thanks again for your help Locrep!