Albright Solenoid


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Oct 26, 2010
Balby, Doncaster
they are spot on and perform very well, dont mind water too much

there are cheaper alternatives available though and the quality is just as good
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Mar 2, 2010
Gillingham (Dorset)
Thanks for that guys, I have orderd the extra duty one from D44.

There were lots of little things that had gone wrong with the winch. First off the slip ring for the free spoil had siezed, this was due to the ingress of moister through the adaptor lever that I got with the winch mount. It was never a good fit and I payed the price. What I have done is to re-fit the genuin Warn one and enlarged the hole in the winch mount to accomodate. I freed the ring off and got the emery paper out on the rusty bits and found that I had been lucky as there was no real damage to the surfaces so cleened up and regreased.

I had a high resistance across the brushes on the motor due to quite a lot of Lincomb orange in there, the motor is not very well sealed and lots of rubbish had got in. Anyway as I was unable to dismantle the brush end of the motor I fulshed and flushed then poured in a load of electrical clean until I got a reading of no resistance. :dance:

As I put it all back together I sealed every joint with black sealant so should not let to much moisture in now however I may suffer with the over heat cutting in earlier :( .

Then I moved to the solenoids they are all clicking when energised as should but I was getting a bleed through of 8.2volts on one solenoid when in the open position and only 11.5 volts when closed so that one is not much good and will not last much longer (I suspect that it probably full of Water).

I have yet to do a direct feed test on the winch but I am confident that I have got the winch sorted.

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