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Big end bearing rebuild, how?



I was doubtful about the whole big end issue until I saw the state of
mine and now I won't let Steph drive our other 80 far until the bearings
on that get changed on Wednesday next week, I'll let the list know what
they look like.
The guy who's doing ours complained that cleaning the gasket off the
sump was a crap job, other than that AFAIK it's straight forward.
The bearings are keyed so not much chance of them spinning and the two
we've had done so far just had standard size put back in without
plastigage checking (but after checking what came out was standard).
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Jon said:
>I had good oil pressure and no obvious signs there were any problems
but the one bearing was definitely on its last legs...
Crikey. Another long-term PM to put on my sagging memory stack.
I suppose as there was no griping about it that it's as easy as:
1. drop the pan, maybe removing steering rods etc for access
2. undo a main cap (uh, one by one !)
3. slip out upper main
4. slip in new upper
5. bolt up the cap with new lower in there
6. Goto 2, redo loop until six bearings done
No need to plastigage etc? Any risk of the big end bearings spinning in
their caps, or are they well indexed against that?
Ceferino "Reno" Lamb