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Bulbs in bottom row of switches


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Mar 7, 2010
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Today I decided to change the light bulbs illuminating the bottom row of switches in the centre cluster (rear demister, mirror heat & rear heater). I have the bulbs from my 2000, and thought they would fit. Here is a pic of the kind of dash I have:

After opening up :
1 - pulling out the two side panels
2 - four bolts for the centre part with the radio
3 - detaching 8-9 plugs
4 - six screws for each supporting bracket across multi display - radio - HVAC controls
5 - four screws for back cover of the hvac & bottom row switches
6 - two screws for the little narrow pcb for the four switches
- I found bulbs that look like they are soldered onto the pcb. And it looks like all four of them are blown, according to ohm metering (no reading). Now, did the designer decide that these would never blow? Or that we have to change the whole pcb, with microswitches, leds and bulbs?

The bulbs for the hvac controls are the more normal type which you twist 30 degrees and pull. About 1 W (11-12 ohm) green bulbs. On the 2000 these bulbs are black, while on the 2004 they are pink. The colour doesn't seem to indicate any difference though.

Do you have any experience with this?

(I'll see if I can add some photos here)
Some pics:
1st shows the small green bulbs in square sockets for the bottom row of switches (qty 4). (backside of switches along the top):

2nd pic is the backside of the same narrow pcb, + the pcb for the hvac controls, with the twist-bulbs (3 loose (1 black from the 2000, 2 pink)):

Two showing how the side-panels/vents are attached. Pretty hard pull.

So yes, Ian. Looks like the same as the Lex. Shtupid design.
Thank you. That's a good starting point.

For the other bulbs tho', the pink sockets, it looks like all (or a few) of them feed the same light-conductor; because two of them are blown, and still there is light in all the switches, although a tiny bit dimmer than standard.
And great thanks to Jon Evans. Great site he's running.

Started the process of taking off the bulbs and sourcing new ones.
Good luck, worked well on my LS and saved loads of money.

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