Damar Webbing have delivered.....


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Aug 10, 2010
Witham, Essex, United Kingdom
I've ordered me some bits & bobs from Damar Webbing & they delivered while I was away :D

Selection of 5 ton 50mm recovery strops

1 x 2000mm in Black to be used as a bridle between my two front pig tail hooks.
1 x 4000mm in Red for general recovery & towing on the queens highways.
1 x 6000mm in Red for general recovery.
1 x 8000mm in Red for general recovery.

2 x Bespoke (very short strap on ratchet & reversed hook) 800Kg ratchet straps in Red for securing the coffin box in the rear of Fiery.

1 X endless 800Kg ratchet strap in Red to replace my existing worn one.

4 x 3000mm 800Kg cam buckle straps in Red.
(one to secure my Zarges box another to stop the coffin box flying forwards in an accident & the other two just to replace my existing yellow ones).

2 x 1000mm 800Kg cam buckle straps in Red.
(both to be cut & secured to the sides of the coffin box for securing the lid in place)

Do you see a common theam here :?: :p I know it's a bit shallow isn't it :?: :!: :oops: :D

I do already have the 4, 6 & 8 meter 5 ton recovery strops in Blue as they matched the colours of my last truck :p :oops: But Red will look better inside Fiery :p I also have more than enough cam buckle straps but they are not Red either :roll: :lol:

Anyways :) Very happy with the service & products from Damar :D Top chaps :thumbup:






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