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Offered, as having clear out

Hi Chris, I might have my wires crossed but thought the recovery kit had a label with my name on it?
Thanks Dylan
Dibs on air jack, ground sheet and 2 camping beds. Pm you my number.

Hi Shayne, I'm probably talking myself out of a sale but unless you have fridge/freezer then you are unlikely to need this - its a split charger that keeps a fridge / freezer battery charged. It effectively combines the fridge battery with the car batteries whilst the engine is running and then isolates the fridge battery when the engine is off to prevent the starting battery arrangement being pulled down by the fridge (typically overnight). This is a simplified explanation but might help.
We shall see i'm adding a winch soon so i suppose a second battery in my truck should go on the to do list .
Hi Dylan ....nope, no wires crossed; yours is 100% safe! Besides, you have also paid.
I actually have two of these in UK. I was going to keep one for myself here in UK but I also have one at home, in Zimbabwe.
What do you want to do about delivery?

Hi Chris, I might have my wires crossed but thought the recovery kit had a label with my name on it?
Thanks Dylan
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Dylan, Your recovery kit is secured, with your name labelled on it! Best Regards, C.
Hi Chris. Do you still have the Piranha dual battery charger model DBE 180S? Thanks. Byron.
Hi Byron, sorry - it is sold. This is what is left:
2) Awning: “Fiamma 3 Meter Zip”; this is the aluminium tube/cassette crank out awning. Park and simply wind it out using the supplied cranking handle for instant rain/sun protection. The space can be fully enclosed by zipping on the two ends and the front – the sides zip together for enclosed weather protection. The windows have sliding curtains and there is a zip door. The ends and front are the extended version (height) to take into account any suspension lifts - you can see the extra depth of the bottom valance. On my series 200, which had ARB suspension, I could stand under the awning and I'm 6'6". We mainly used the awning on its own so the sides have rarely been used. We also bought the 'storm beam' that reduces the potential of water pooling when used in heavy rain. I have also added orange/yellow (doesn't attract bugs) LED lighting to this strut that plugs into a standard 12v outlet.
These Fiamma awnings are horrendously expensive but they do last and last and spare parts are readily available. I spoke to John Cross, the main UK dealer, and he recommended that the awning gearbox be replaced before selling - this I have done (and have the receipt for). I have shown it attached directly to my Front Runner roof rack where it has always been mounted. For the picture the Front Runner rack is on my wife's Previa as we have sold both the the 200 series LandCruiser and the 100 series.
I think this is a very reasonable buy at £300 - which is less than one third of the replacement cost.

4) ARB 9,000kg ultra-lite snatch block, £55 (brand new, never used, still in box).

5) KC HiLites back up light kit, £30 (brand new, never used, still in box).

6) Tyre inflator kit. I have not seen these for sale in UK - they comprise a stage 1 scuba diving regulator (pressure reducer) and a proprietary tyre inflator with tyre pressure gauge. There is also a master pressure gauge. This requires a diving cylinder as a pressure tank - the beauty is the speed of inflation - and one air cylinder fills many, many tyres. A second hand dive cylinder is pretty cheap and refills, when needed, are around £10 per time. The bee's knees for super speedy and reliable tyre inflation.
£60 (This item is used - but is as new).

7) Halogen lights - bought to mount as a camping side light on my roof rack to put up camp after dark - one is unused and the other was used for several months. £6 the pair.

20) Camp pot stand, folds flat. Use over an open fire or around a portable gas cooker etc to support a heavy pan/pot etc. £5 (Brand new and unused).

21) Ground blanket, 4m x 3m. The base is totally waterproof and is mixture of canvas and heavy duty pvc. The top is a colourful blanket material. The clever part is that it is made to go against a vehicle with a turn up that secures to the wheels to stop wind/rain driving under the vehicle. Obviously can be used for picnics etc as well. We have two and this one is a spare. £30 (brand new & unused).

22) Umbrella style camp bed (1) - folds up in the same manner as a camp chair; just pull the ends together and it folds away. There are two small cuts on the material but it is rip stop (where / how do these happen?) Useful also as a spare bed. £10 (Used).

23) Umbrella style camp bed (2) - folds up in the same manner as a camp chair; just pull the ends together and it folds away. Also useful as a spare bed. Excellent condition. £15 (Used).

24) Camp beds, x3. Very compact and all in very good condition - £15 for all three (used).
Chris I like the sound of the ground sheet thingy. Is it something you could drive onto to give somewhere to lie on to do inspections and repairs without getting covered in crap out in the field? But also still keep to sit on of course.


Thanks for letting me know Chris. Good luck selling your remaining items. You certainly are having a major clear out!
Hi Chris, Yeah, it could certainly be used for just about anything like that. It is a pretty robust bit of kit. One of my friends cut his one up and used a piece inside his tent as a warm ground sheet and another piece to picnic on.
Still have a garage full of kit at home in Zim as well, including a couple of original swb FJ's.......
Sign me up then buddy and we'll work out the logistics later.

Sorry ZimC - been away so will get a cheque off to you tomorrow. Cheers
free postal service to lincomb available
Now that sounds like a plan. Chris will catch up on the payment stuff. Just trying to get straight from Moroc. I'm good for it.