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John, relax.
I think sail GB are being somewhat over cautious, or to put it more bluntly they are covering their arses.
Plenty of people have fitted multiple DIN connectors to their 80's and plenty have people have also run the big Engel fridges with no problems.
I seem to remember an on line site showing how someone fitted DIN connectors in the rear of the vehicle.
Have a good look on the 80 technical pages - there is an article on fridges and on wire sizes, the DIN connectors article may be on the SLEE site or possibly on George's site. Try also the Birfield archives - experiment with different keywords.
If you find useful sites save them as favourites - it saves loads of time in the future.
You had some good advice this morning from our Gallic cousins regarding the electrical accesories box - the ideal place to start from. To do the job properly you will need the right cable and to do a tidy job the cable has to go under the carpet and be routed so it wont't chaff. Chances are the seats will have to come out.
I had to do this when running big speaker cables.
Regards Gareth.