[ECO] intercooler



Will be interested to see if anyone has experience with this guy as I
see he does LRFT's for LC's aswell.
I've got a few quid earmarked to blow on the LC & I'm looking for an LC
garage in the UK that will do a number of jobs for me - including BeB's,
LRFT, timing belt, intercooler, CV's (possibly).
Have been doing a bit of research into intercoolers recently and have
noticed that a lot of people (not necessarily LC owners) , when
upgrading the intercooler, replace the standard composite gasket with a
steel version and up-rate the head bolts will prevent engine from
blowing its top.
Not sure how applicable this is to LC's though..... perhaps they are
bomb proof enough
'95 HDJ80 -


The cruiser has a laminated stainless ssteel head gasket bog standard
and they never blow unless someone assembled it wrong. I am very happy
with my 250-275Hp and 600-650Nm of torque with Maartens intercooler and
sport turbo and a few of my own tweaks.
Niall Sommers wrote:


Re your Maartens intercooler & sport turbo.
Check this story out - from the Manchester Express - Saturday, 10th
December 2005
I rekon this guy had a Maartens intercooler & sport turbo as well!! -
Mabey 2 of each!!
"Adalat Khan, 73, was told he had been captured by a camera apparently
going at more than the speed of sound - 800 KM per hour!
The letter even said there was both photographic and video evidence.
Mr Khan was driving his S-registered 3.4 litre Toyota Land Cruiser when
the speed cameras snapped him on the 30mph A57 Hyde Road in Ardwick,
close to the Apollo."
Niall - aimind to break the land speed record in '95 HDJ80
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