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Electric Windows change to Constant. 2013 GXL V8 RH Drive


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Sep 21, 2013
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Want to operate your windows without having the motor running?

How to change the factory settings from key operation with the motor going to without the need to use a key.

  1. Remove the driver’s quarter panel near the accelerator pedal in the cab.
  2. Follow the wire loom from the door & disconnect the white connector block using a screw driver on the lock.
  3. Remove the blue wire from the door side connector (small screw driver into the front side “lifting” the plastic retainer for this wire while pulling it out) It will come out very easy and if not you are doing it wrong.
  4. Move the wire up one place and push it into the empty location.

Test, put it all back together, and you’re done.

I am not an auto sparky, but this gave me the SH1tZ no end!!! So after several experts telling me it might be able to get done and it will cost me about half a day and a few hundred dollars I got to work with the meter and test wires. 20minutes for me, about 5 for you...

Top picture is of the existing connector, just above the pedal. The bottom pic is the new location for the BLUE wire, just move it up one.


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