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Engine oil - Expert recommendation please!


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Apr 6, 2010
On the TLOCUK there's a thread about BEB problems on the 80 series, which is being put down to oil. Something to do with magnesium versus calcium in the oil's detergent degrading big end shells. Does anyone know whether this is a problem on the 1HD-FTE engine?

Out of the 50 cars that I've owned 48 have been petrol, so I always think a diesel sounds rough, but don't yet have an ear for what is normal. My last oil change was about 8k ago. I always use engine flush and have used Valvoline (fully or semi synthetic) for years.

Does anyone have a definitive view?
I have only heard of this being a problem on the 12 valve 1HD-T so you should be fine with your modern 1HD-FTE :thumbup:
If that is 8 k miles, an oil change is long overdue.