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engine tweaking..



I've experienced this phenomena on lots of occasions - okay, now Le
Beast requires a little tweaking here and there but I can still pull
away and leave others standing, aghast, especially on M-way access
points! Not that I indulge my (secret) passion of speed-freaking out on understand - no probs in Germany!
I'm going back this year to Germany to give a series of papers on 'rock
art' in the Sahara (rock, art, for those who don't know - excluding
Dennis in this, and even Julian - is the stuff some would say I waste my
time on (aside of paid work of course) - i.e. my 'research agenda' rock
paintings in caves, shelters etc - a bit like a Lascaux in Le Sable de
Guys - the inevitable question - and before you all jump in with your
penny's worth on the cruiser bandwagon....should I consider having my
engine tweaked.....? seriously, is it a good option for a vehicle of
My own opinion is no, leave it alone. Toyota do a reasonable job.
Getting it set up properly is good, having it tuned for performance
has to put more stress on it, however small.
Regards, Clive.
On Tue, 21 Dec 2004 14:15:43 +0000, Renate Haupt
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