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Escapegear group buy maybe ?


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Jul 1, 2013
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Any interest in a group buy from the EscapeGear folks ? their seat covers and dash protector ( both of which I am keen on ) look pretty much the best value to be had. But shipping from SA is almost 20% of the cost! We might be able to spread that a bit by getting a bundle of bits from them at the same time.

Does anyone on the forum have a relationship with them already ? if not, I am willing to reach out and get some details / coordinate this.

funny enough I was looking at their site this morning, I've already got their seat covers, was looking for a spare wheel cover/stowage that could fit my firepit/BBQ but they don't do one to fit 315/75R16 plus the bag is too small for me too.

I've sent an enquiry into rocknroad4x4 instead.
193 € for a front set for my Collie, expensive but look great quality - may well be interested. Keep me informed of any developments please :)
I have brought a few sets from them, the carriage on the seat covers is not to expensive, but it costs loads for the wheel cover as it is pretty heavy. Tbh you are better of buying on your own as they use ZA post and small packages seem to sneak though customs , well all mine have from them so far
I have a contact there if you want his name
Would be interested in a set of seat covers. Have a dash protector already.
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Id be interested in both for the 80, though i dont think they do a dash protector for mine