Eu map for pc


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I am in uk
Sep 16, 2013
tilbury, essex
Does anyone know of a good map of eu that works on the pc and will work with a ext GPS unit, plus would be helpful if i can upload GPX files to the map software as well

Have got a copy of Autoroute 2013 but its well out of date already
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I am in morocco
Aug 20, 2014
ok you need to either select a predefined country from the drops downs and then click on the link above the map, this takes to to another page with a series of downloads, select this one osm_generic_windows.exe and download it once finished double click on the file to run it. It'll then install into the garmin software.

You can also select map tiles on the map and then send you email to get custom mapsets, once the map is built you'll get and email with a link to a page with the downloads like above


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I am in cyprus
Jan 11, 2018
Look at MAPS.ME app for Android, not sure about IPhone -works offline just preload chosen map before you depart. FREE!
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