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Fipg sealant for valve cover


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Oct 11, 2022
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So about to do the cambelt and will do cover gaskets as they weep a bit of oil. Not huge amounts but giving some love to the 5vz engine can’t be a bad thing…
I have all seals and caps and half moons etc. I wanted to use toyota Fipg sealant… called a dealership expecting it to be expensive…like 20-30£ expensive. Was quoted 108£ for the 84g tube eeeeek…
It’s 20$ in the us!?! Just bonkers!
What would people use? Heard great things about hondabond but open to experiences from others..
That's pretty ambitious pricing! I used this stuff


It has worked fine over the last 18 months, not sure where I got it from though. Roughtrax do one too but not opened that one yet


I'm sure I mentioned it in your other post but don't trust the circular rubberised plugs at the back of the engine, I re-used the old ones as they looked fine but they leaked immediately and I had to do the whole job twice. Second time round with silicone all round they were OK. My only other tip is label and count all the vacuum hoses as you take them off, I left one off on the second go and ended up with a 2000rpm idle - it was a tiny one at the firewall end and hard to see.
The rubber gasket seals all work fine when they're new and supple but, as with most rubber parts, they harden with age and become useless without help from some form of sealer.
Thanks for the tips and pictures…2000rpm idle must have been a bit of a moment!
Thanks also for the tip about the plugs, I ordered some together with the half moons from amayama. Bit of a long wait but couldn’t find them in Uk or Europe.
I found a couple of very good step by step videos on YouTube, there are a lot more 5vz engines in the Us because of all the Tacoma and 4Runner very handy!
Oh the dealer also wanted 87£ for the ventilation valve and gasket… 3£ from amayama… go figure..
Totally, and the engines start to be relatively old, even if 170k miles are not huge mileage all rubber starts to perish. I will probably also order some silicone tubing to replace progressively replace some vacuum and coolant lines..I like my cruiser and look to keep it ticking as long as I can..
Sounds like you're going to make a proper job of it. I got my gaskets and spark plug tube seals in a kit from Rock Auto in the US, they were very good to deal with, the stuff is all aftermarket but seemed pretty good. Just had a look and they do the circular plugs as well, perhaps I should have splashed out on them. I pretend to have a 1997 4-Runner when looking for parts on their website.
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Trying to, budget not unlimited but the cruiser was a bit of a childhood dream.. bit of care for the motor and rust management should keep it good for a while.
From what I have seen the 90 series is the same as the hilux surf and the 3rd gen 4Runner as rolling chassis and engine. And the Australian Prado mixes things a bit more using the fuel tank from the 4Runner and surf as aux…
In the Us being mostly petrol they used the 5vz in a lot of vehicles until 2008-2010..
Honda is Jap reliable and RTV is RTV .

Toyota have some very weird pricing issues making a whole new seatbelt about the same price as some genuine body moulding gasket which is essentially just rubber draft excluder :crazy:
Arg Shayne…the front seatbelts may be something I’ll need to look before the next mot as they don’t retract without a bit of help…and taking a wild guess you’re saying that the moulding gaskets are silly expensive…and not that the seatbelts are cheap
Pull the seat belt all the way out and dump it in a bucket of warm water and whatever the mrs puts in washing machine . Let it soak for an hour then rinse it in clean water and let it dry .

Once dry cover the whole belt with silicone spray , give it a couple of minutes to dry and it will retract as good as new .

I unbolt my belts at the bottom and put the bucket on the seat .
Super tip for warm summer days! Thanks Shayne, to be honest I never looked into it as they do work but assumed would be the springs. Thank you!