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FJ-80 - 1993 with 35,000 miles - barn find?

mark canha

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Apr 22, 2019
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I have a 1993 FJ-80 that I have owned for 15 years. It has been garaged and not driven or registered for 15 years. I bought it from the original owner, he could no longer drive and damaged the front fender an bumper driving it into his garage in South Carolina and that was the last time he drove. I transported it to New England and it has been sitting in a heated garage since..... Green / Brown fabric - still smells new's a time capsule
I have owned several FJ-80's (1994, 1997) as family haulers, and then passed on to the kids. I still have a v8 version that I bought new and keep it on the road for capacity / and pulling a small whaler to the dock 2x a I am a big LandCruiser fan and owner.
My plan was to replace the fender / bumper and bring it to Fla when I retire, but i just bought and a car and transported it to I now am considering selling the 1993 FJ-80.
I plan to be at my summer home next weekend where it has been stored.........and can send pictures if there is interest.
contact me via mail if interested:
[email protected]


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Oct 7, 2014
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Hi Mark, sounds interesting. Pics would be great. You might also consider posting on ih8mud as it’s more US based.
Good luck with the sale.