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Funny how life throws you those little curve balls isn’t it? Ho hum.


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Feb 24, 2010
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Until 5 weeks ago, life was pretty good. Work going OK, plans for post lockdown travel under way, ferry booked for Bad Kissengen (if the Germans can get their finger out) weather picking up, thinking about getting the Cruiser ready for The Adventure Overland circus debarcle shit show…extravaganza

And now, here I am facing 12 weeks of intensive chemotherapy for stage 4 bowel cancer. WTF? How did I get here? It’s inoperable, incurable but not completely untreatable. It’s in my colon, liver and abdomen. Right, well good news is lungs are clear and the bloke in the bed next to me wants to buy my shoes.

Cannot fault the NHS. They’ve moved at lightning speed. In fact, it’s been a complete whirlwind. Had 50cm of tube (extended breather pipe) shoved up a vein into my chest this morning, bloods again tomorrow, meeting Monday, Chemo Tuesday. Can’t go much faster than that really.

It’s rather shit, but these are the hands we’re dealt. Not the first, won’t be the last. But worked so hard to avoid Covid then I get this! At least I get some time to prepare. 3 weeks ago, cousin in law (50, non smoker, non drinker, veggie) was out for a run – dropped dead round the corner in the village from a heart attack. Bam. Just like that. So I guess I should feel lucky.

I ain’t gone yet but just in case anyone hears rumours or it goes quite for a bit you’ll know what I’m up to. They’re cautiously optimistic that they might be able to do something for me but they’re not sure quite what but I’m going to give it a red hot go. Signed up for the full-leaded version chemo. No point faffing around with a few Asprin, eh. Bring it on.

Had loads of offers of help already, but until I get some sort of prognosis in about 3 months, there’s not much I can do. I don't normally put my life out there on-line. This social media thing is a plague on humanity in my view so I certainly won't be doing some f****g blog thing on You Tube; You can shove that right up! But thought I'd share it with you chaps.

Might be a mother of all garage sales ……..

Back you dogs, back I say!
So sorry to read this Chris. Treatments are getting better all the time, hope they can find something that works for you.
Best wishes.
Bloody hell .....
You have the right attitude and all the best..... sure you will beat this thing and the NHS are world class when it comes to this kind of thing .
Take care ..
Really sorry to read that Chris - we have met albeit briefly at a couple of Lincomb events many years ago but I feel like I know you much better than that through this forum, over many years.

Your posts are always infused with your wit and wicked sense of humour and have you always inspired me with your "can do" and "never give up" attitude. So I feel that this is just yet another challenge that you will face head-on and no doubt get through, cracking the odd joke and sarcastic comment along the way. :thumbup:

Wishing you all the best,
Thanks chaps. Just the kinda support I need to get through this. No point moping around asking why me, oh isn't life cruel. Doesn't change anything. Just head down and charge!!!!!!
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Hi Chris, really sorry to hear. Stay strong, you'll get through this. Wish you all the best.
Saddened me to hear of this Chris. You’re a strong character and spirit with humble humor that’s loved here on the forum. Sending you all my best wishes going forward
Gutted to read this Chris - fight it hard like Ben has been his illness. Good luck with it.
Horrible news Chris. As "little curve balls" go its a shocker. I'm going to be rooting for you. Never give in, and never despair. While you're still in the game anything is possible.
Bloody hell mate, horrible news but the right positive attitude.
Wish you the best with the treatment.
Oh man, sad to read this. Stay strong and positive, and I hope the treatment gets you the right outcomes, soon.
Jeezus, that came as a shock, and I thought I had it bad with my kidney probs you beat that Chris, Neil secundus or something like that
Jesus! Horrible news mate. Positive attitude after that news shows your strength and determination to make the very best of an awful hand you ve been dealt. Hit it head on and hang on. Wish you all the best mate. Our thoughts are with you.
Well Chris, we haven’t met but seeing your post has just knocked the wind right out of my sails!!
Thats one hell of a crap hand you’ve been dealt and all credit to you for sharing it! As so many others have already said attitude is everything if your going to beat this.
If it’s any comfort I’ve an old pal who’s been dealing with bladder Cancer for some time and unlike you he didn’t get fast tracked - however-
he was determined to beat it ( he can be a stubborn bastard) and just when it wasn’t looking good his surgeon had another go and he’s just had his second 3 monthly check up and he’s had the all clear!
Best of luck my friend!
Jeez mate, so sorry to hear this - what an absolute kick in the guts. Scary how fast your world can get turned upside down, its too easy for us to take our health and future for granted.

As some have said above, you're going into this with the best attitude you can.

All the best for your treatment, hope it all goes well.

Take care.
Wow , can only say I have been quietly impressed with your ability to keep opinions you obviously hold to yourself throughout some of the more antagonistic debates on here and I’m saying it today because I reckon it takes more courage to share your unfortunate news than it might to hide it with a stiff upper lip . As others have said your well set to fight the mental battle and I would hope that puts you in a good place to respond well to treatment . Best of of luck with it .
gutted to hear this big fella. its pretty much the worst news someone can have. its really hard on your loved ones and people close to you too. it completely knocks the shit out of you and those around you when you get the diagnosis, but you will build yourself back up.
keep that positive mentality and dig in.
as mentioned things have really changed in the last five years or so, and new treatments are advancing rapidly.

good luck and all the best to you and your family.

Urgh, sorry to hear this Chris. Not much to say as other have said it already.

Keep going, let me know if I can help in any way.
Hey thanks everyone, one and all, for those kind words. Really appreciated. Yep bolt completely out of the blue. Had a routine op, long term thing, quite boring but couple of weeks later felt a bit sore. Popped back to the hospital. Ahh yes, slight infection but a bit odd. Go for a CT scan. Results in, yes, you need some antibiotics, but it's the tumour that really concerns us ......... Say what?

So if I'd not decided to have the op, then I'd never have known about the cancer basically. It's like taking the cruiser in for an oil change and finding that the rear axle is hanging off! As for the op things, went to the GP on a Friday, they sent me to hospital that day just for a look see and they say, pop back at 08.00 Sat morning and we'll operate. I thought they were kidding.

So, I just have to man up and go with it. Frankly I think I have shocked some of the clinicians so far with my honestly about it. All I want from them is complete honesty in return. Well, so far they've been honest alright. But let's see what advances medical science has made in this area. There is some good news about the cancer at least. In terms of the Goldilocks scale, it's not the best, not the worst, it's in the middle and whilst it's spread it's not mutated which means the treatment will hit all of it. And whilst it's in both sides of my liver, so far my liver function is 100%. . The other good news is that all that time in the pie shop wasn't wasted. They reckon because I am young and fit as well as being devilishly handsome (ok not that last bit) the treatment won't knock seven bells out of me. No really they DID say young and fit! You don't think they were just being kind do you?

Another time I'll tell you about the colonoscopy and the biopsy. Not just now though, eh.