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Funny how life throws you those little curve balls isn’t it? Ho hum.

Just catching up, really fucking sorry to hear this Chris.

Alway remember - there's an air-compressor mount out there with your name (welding) on it, so you'll always be travelling somewhere......

And a few set of side steps Nick. It's a really nice thought. Thank you. You're right.
Chris if you are going to do short day rides for the foreseeable future the I would choose the lighter of your bike selection for ease of use or why not go for the comfy option and make it a longer day you know the roads will miss you
Well I probably weigh more than either of the bikes Steve ha ha. Besides which they're the same weight actually but the Tigga needs a service and new tyres so the Beemer is probably going to be the winner this time around.
As long as you get to ride that is your needs and wants fulfilled

Just got back onto the forum after ~18month break, and I see the trailer is for sale and then I go digging and find an update on this.

Not good - but just keep going as much as you can.
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Good to hear Chris… I think we all admire your spirit and fight. Hopefully see you at a meet before too long
People talk about battling cancer. You don't. You can't. Not when it's like this. What you're fighting is yourself. There is a draw to just lie down and die. You have to fight that. You have to keep living. We set daily targets of things to do or achieve. Always forward. One foot in front of the other. I'm still riding the bike, still driving, I can manage a little drink now and then, doing bucket lists, ticking them off. The things I have sold simply defy belief. Mortgage gets paid off this Friday. All accounts swapped to my wife;s name, new contracts for broadband, phones etc etc. I want a smooth transition when I breath my last. Funeral to arrange and that's that. No complications.

Some people don't get this luxury. Bit of a cold, dead in a week. I shall go tidily and hopefully with dignity.
Chris, I came back to the forum after a long break to see this news, I watched my sister deal with cancer until she couldn't beat it, it's going on two years now and she was the youngest of four children, I am the oldest son and had three younger sisters, she is seven years younger than I.
When she was diagnosed it was estimated she had three to nine months left, she managed to stretch that time to just under three years.
It's not easy and my respect for your attitude here on the forum is great, that I believe is big part of the quality of what you leave those around you with, live each day and do all that you can to get the most out it all.
Sometimes it's the little things but get as many of the big things done as you can, take lots of pictures and make memories.
You and your family will be in our thoughts.
Chris- take care of yourself- keep pushing on. Love the tone of your posts- you seem to have the right stuff sorted. At some point you'll feel scared- you'll still be loved and you have left a mark on the world- many of our lives are better for having known you (no matter how vicariously).

Don't be too manly to ask for help- we'd all feel honoured and pleased to be asked- in helping you we'd all feel we were giving something back.

Its a total fucker.
Hi Chris, Just logged in after a while, last time you had just started Chemo. and now this news, im gutted for you. I dont really know what else to say. I hope you are enjoying your time with Family etc.
Chris man, so sad to read your last few posts, but in a good way that you are not rolling over.
It's never good to have to go before your time, but sadly, seems like you're going to get your wings before time.
I don't really know what to say,
Just feel sorry for, feck, I don't know what I am writing anymore.
Sorry for the jumbled.