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Goodwinch Group buy

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May 15, 2010
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Hey guys,

After the last lincomb I have come to the conclusion that I really need a winch.

I know there was a group buy at the beginning of the year and it looked like the guys who bought got a pretty good deal.

Anyone interested in another group buy?


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Yes, I would be interested. Last time round I held back because I had an incling that I'd be changing the truck.
Typical...bought mine at the Newbury show :wallbash:
I have 2 already

I'd buy another but I really don't need one

my favourite is the big drum with a bow motor
A quote from the original thread:

With 3 of us getting complete units the price has come down a bit - now at £500 + VAT for the winch, dyneema rope, yellow hook etc. Now also includes a safety cut-out switch and battery link with each winch as well as a swing-away pulley block. Pretty good I think....

Any more takers?? I'd like to get an order in asap. We'll also need to sort out payment! :lol:

Not sure what deal we'd get. I have emailed goodwinch and will let you know what they say. I guess it'll come down to numbers really.

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I'd say that £500 + VAT with all of the extra bits and bobs is a pretty good price for a new TDS winch :icon-smile:

I bought my second hand 9.5TDS from off the bay for just £255.00 without synthetic rope or a roller fairlead or hand control for that matter :icon-smile:

But my complete winch install came to just over £470.00 inclusive of the winch tray :icon-biggrin:

It's with this in mind that I post this link up for you Ryan :icon-biggrin: :icon-biggrin: :icon-biggrin:

My second hand 9.5TDS without synthetic rope, roller fairlead or hand control made £255.00

and this second hand Superwinch EPi9 with synthetic rope, battery cut off and all required made £436.00

Both collection only though, so this needs to be factored in :think:

I'd not be surprised if the one I've just posted the link to made £450 to £500 :|
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If this goes ahead I'll join in for some accessories thanks
Just as a reminder, teh winches we bought last time were 12k winches - the 9.5k ones were about £40 + VAT lower.

You can have the biggest winch in the catalogue, but if it ain't working ......

Just heard back from Dave@ goodwinch and he has said he's happy to do a deal. I have asked him about pricing.

Spindrift/ Marius,

Which units are you after?

I'm thinking of the TDS 12k with Dynamee rope, yellow hook and 2 lengths of rock guard.

Any other takers?

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I would love to but what with buying a house, paying for my trip to Nepal and new injectors needed for the truck I really cant afford it right now :(
I'm interested in a 12k, dyneema, hook, etc & 2 pulley blocks, maybe some rock guard...
and at least one of his tree protectors - nicely made up bit of kit. The wireless remote you can source on fleabay. Winch blanket is useful - something none of us used last weekend, but hey ...

And some shackles. I've been wondering if it's not better to use a shackle through the thimble rather than a hook. Can't quite make up my mind on that one - can't see a situation where a hook would be better... - it's just a bit quicker
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Just received another email from Dave. 10/10 to him for correspondence. He's asked when the last group purchase was so that he can see what deal he gave then. So I would think we'll get the same deal.

Gary, what accessories are you after?

So far we have:
Spindrift- still to confirm which winch
Marius - TDS 12.0c w/rope, yellow hook and rock guard.
Fridayman - TDS 12.0c w/rope, yellow hook, rock guard and 2no. Pulley blocks
Me - TDS 12.0c w/rope, yellow hook and rock guard

Come on folks anyone else?....roll up!


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