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Goodwinch Group buy

Have to keep telling myself I don't need a winch!
It's getting harder and harder to keep it simple stupid :lol:
its a slippery slope Jon! then it will be rock-sliders and you will be out on the lanes :)
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It's all this talk of snow and knowing that there are (very rare) times when a winch is handy even on a family cruiser and I do like some of the stealth installs that have been done behind standard bumpers.
Finally got my winch yesterday. And a heavy box it was too.

Does anyone know if there are any ready made winch trays available for the 100 series that fits behind the standard bumper?

But on the other hand, if I had to go for an ARB bumper, is the winch tray included / built into the bumper or would you still need a separate tray?
i need a winch but havent the first clue about them...tempted to get in on this.
Used mine a few times now in anger - to recover others and for a pretty difficult self-recovery and its been great. Slow, but that's not an issue really. The 9.5 is slightly faster.
I winched/dragged a 2ton Diesel generator up a ramp at work the other day. Muppets at work built the generator in and didn't realise the clear height in the car park was too low to get a forklift of any use in. I made good use of the pulley blocks. Winch didn't skip a beat.
Does anyone still have the contact details of the Goodwinch agent they dealt with for this group buy? I'm in the market for a winch now, any recommendations on how they've performed since you've had them?
I only fitted mine that we bought in the group buy this year in Feb. I have used it quite a bit for pulling out trees but no recovery yet.

We went direct to David but he did a better deal as there was a group buy. Perhaps ask if he will do the same again. Mine has sat in the box for many years and looks as good as it did the day it arrived.