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Group buy - 80 series rear tailgate decks in stainless or aluminuim

Just in time for Christmas[emoji301]️

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Well, nearly another month has passed by following another hollow promise from this fool... I really don't want my plates Chris; everytime I open my truck I will be reminded of the idiot & I'd rather have my stinky carpets than that... Can you request a refund from him for my plates please buddy? Thanks dawg ✌
Hi unfortunately agree with you Gav Peter. It's time to rap this up for good. It seems so long ago we ventured on to a great idea & unified together to get these custom tail gates. I like some others only entered & paid to make the numbers up but I can see nothing but frustration has come of this for us all. The worst thing is that our relationships have been tarnished but feel it's time to close this one way or another. This company has it seems no intention to honour us and most likely so many others are chasing them too if they are even still operating. I wonder is anyone has had there money back as I would like that too?
If the decks can't be supplied how much hope have we of getting the money back? personally I would prefer to have the deck but I can understand everyones frustration.
I feel we would all like this Chas you but the longer this goes on the less likely we would ever see the decks other than our imagination let along ever getting them and being happy with them too. Shame to wait continually for something that will never msterialise. We are all here to help, share because ee all have a interest in Landcruisers. The worst of this is that there is no trust to wanna ever do another group buy again. This & our frustration is the worst to what we have lost in this exchange more important than the money. What a shame really!!
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:eusa-think:, Now I'll have to find something I can I spend this money on. :pray: To be honest it's been that long I'm not sure how much I paid, was it £210 for the cubbys?
I think as the numbers hit 20 I paid £200, what a nice Christmas present that sounds now [emoji12]
TBH you should name the supplier so others don't get caught out the same way later down the line, just my opinion
Yes I actually agree, NAME AND SHAME, an important part of running a business is also knowing when to say 'no I CAN'T do that'.

I'm not worried about getting the deck or the money back, I'll go with the group opinion on that part.

Chris the way this person has treated you is a disgrace: whatever problems he has, at this point he needs to decide whether or not he intends to complete this order by a fixed date, or refund the money on said date. One or the other and see you in court after that 'mate'.

And Chris, it goes without saying, this is not your fault in any way. I'm sure you are a 1000 times sicker of this escapade than anyone else.
TBH you should name the supplier so others don't get caught out the same way later down the line, just my opinion

Agree, the supplier needs to named and shamed.
Wouldn't a joint visit to the company be a good enough motivation? Also I agree name a shame is the least that should happen.
Shocking that this is still ongoing, a month ago they were supposedly working on "packaging and final fit and finish" .....

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I'd prefer to have my deck but either way is good. I think it'll be good to have a line drawn under it all and get back to landcruisers
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Right. After weeks of communication, negotiation and patience but avoiding pointless threats, I have received a FULL refund. It cleared my account last night and is sitting there ready to be returned to you all. Apologies that there won't be any interest paid but you can't have everything.
It's a great shame that we didn't get the decks but the supplier has had a year of quite unbelievable bad luck and despite wanting to get these to us, has agreed that it's best to just cancel the order.

I already have accounts set up for Jon, Spindrift, Rob W, Gav and Gary so I will be processing your refunds today. For the rest of you, could you please PM me with you account name, account number and sort code and I will set up individual payee accounts and send yours. That will take a little while and I will endeavour to do them by return but could take a few hours. Please check your details VERY carefully as I will copy and paste them into my bank so any mistooks will be yours.

So that's it. Nothing to show for months of grief for anyone. Let that be a lesson to anyone with future ridiculous notions of doing a group buy.

If I don't hear from any individual for a while, I will assume that they are not monitoring the thread and I will send a nudge by PM. I do have records of exactly how much you sent me so don't worry about that.

What a shame it never came off. Group buys are great.....normally.
Thanks for all the effort you have put in to this group buy Chris. I am glad it was not a total loss.