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Hello from Surrey, UK


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May 26, 2023
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Hello everyone
Russell here. I bought a Toyota Land Cruiser Colorado (W reg) last December as a present to myself. I’ve been on quite a long cancer journey (coming to the end!) and it was a great to myself. It’s been modified-suspension lift, 2 inch outwards, complete respray with raptor paint, underseal and engine service, snorkel, roof rack. She is my pride and joy! Brings me so much happiness. No expeds yet- currently on chemo- but I have plans!
Very pleased to join a group of fellow enthusiasts.
Welcome Russ, sounds like a great truck - the 90 is well regarded on this forum - enjoy!
Welcome and good luck on your journey and planned trips......
Where in Surrey ? I'm often out and about on the Surrey / Kent / Sussex borders....
Welcome Russ, likewise got a Collie and done battle with the big C, coming out the other side ok but the treatment was hard.

Get yourself over to the next Cruiser meeting, you'll have a ball.
Hi Russ ,
Mid Sussex but my business takes me into Kent and Surrey...
Jon Wildsmith isn't a million miles from you ...
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Welcome. Yes do come along to a meet up when you are well enough.
I wish you every strength Russ, and enjoy that car of yours! If I'm not mistaken, it has a factory rear locker, which is the best thing any 4X4 can have...
All the best, Barrie
No Colorado experience but I'm in Hartley Wintney