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Help wanted - 70 Series Steering Box Rebuild


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Dec 15, 2017
My 75 series had power steering retrofitted by the previous owner. The details are vague but the steering box is from an Australian 76 series and has apparently had the shaft machined because it was rusty. It is also leaking quite badly. Hopefully this can be rebuilt and sorted with new seals. Where do I take it? In Sheffield but mobile.
Still looking for someone to work his or her magic on this. Any ideas welcome.
i get this part number for a 76 series gasket kit: 0444560070
Hi Jacob. Terrain Tamer do a rebuild kit and theres a rebuild video on you tube. Its pretty comprehensive. If the main shaft has been remachined it might need slightly different seals but they should be easy enough to source. Euro 4x4 do a rebuild kit as well. Half the price of the Terrain Tamer.
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Thanks Dan. I did call West Coast about that kit but they said they wouldn't fit it on site. I've found a chap now locally who will have a look at the box next week so hopefully that will be that.
Kiley Clinton 0121 7728000 based in digbeth Birmingham great service
Thanks for that. They seem to be few and far between so good reference.