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Vague steering, worn shaft? Stronger shaft upgrade?

I seem to remember when I swapped my box for a recon unit, I forgot to connect the electrical connection. Didnt notice any difference, then when I noticed it a reconnected, I still didnt notice any difference.
i replaced my PS box recently and forgot to plug the connector in. the steering was heavy until i plugged it back in.
Sorry to slightly divert the thread, but out of interest while steering boxes are being discussed, is the 105 steering box a direct fit on the 80 series? Or is it just the shaft and arm that fit inside the 80 series housing?
The 105 box, at least in USDM model 80s, is a direct replacement for the 80 box.
The only diff I'm aware of is the shaft and its larger diameter, requiring a pitman arm matching that diameter.
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Ok wow. How does that PPS part attach to the rest of the box? I see it comes in over the input shaft, but where/how does it connect to the box itself?

edit: Saw the second pic after this post. 99.9% sure the part I recommended won't work. My mistake.
Now I'm really curious if a PPS box is PnP on my J/USDM.
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Am I right in thinking that there are 2 points that can cause play.
1. Sector shaft adjustment with the screw.
2. Preload on the input shaft bearing.
Trouble is I cannot find how to set the preload on 2 above. Using matchmarks will only set the preload to what it was when the box was new. Due to bedding in I would think a new setting would be required.

Just very interested, don't need to go there yet.
Those are indeed two areas where play is induced.
The matchmarks are per FSM, but only created by the disassembler in the execution of that task.
Theory goes that disassembly isn't required when simply tightening to increase the preload in an attempt to account for the bedding in (fix the play in the steering).
Otherwise you'd want the matchmarks to indicate a good preload on a new bearing as that is why one reason the disassembly should be occurring in the first place.
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