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Vague steering, worn shaft? Stronger shaft upgrade?

Definitely no visible play in either the panhard bushes or any of the ball joints also checked the UJ under the dash and that appears fine. I'm certain the play is in the steering box itself
I was watching this the other night, I still don't understand what's going on with those ball bearings but I'm sure it's fairly obvious once you get into it. If the adjuster screw doesn't do anything I'd be looking at this approach:
I'm certain the play is in the steering box itself
That video may show it, but replacing 44120-60180 - along with the reseal kit - will resolve it.
1 - splines on shaft are twisted - need to replace that too if so.
2 - teeth on shaft show significant wear. They should be mirror polished with only evidence of meshing with the teeth on the power piston.
My guess is that your box is, like mine was, leaking between the shaft seals (not replaceable) in the valve head and the balls are worn between the screw grooves. The clearance in these areas is where the play is coming from.
44120-60180 replaces all that with new.
Thanks again for your replies. Having removed the cover to enable me to see the teeth on the shaft I'm certain the play is in the worm screw as you describe. I'm going to order the relevant parts and give the rebuild a go.
Any tips on removing the pitman arm would be appreciated, I do have a 20 ton press but I'm not sure how to support the box to press the arm off
Keep us posted. Interesting thread. Never been here before.
That video shows a way to remove the pitman arm. Just remember to bang the shaft with a nut 3/4 on to protect the thread.
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Decent rebuild video here

There are also new boxes on Ali Express for cheap - but they're probably junk. Won't let me link
Thanks for that.
As far as rebuilding goes I'm struggling to find the right part which I believe is 44120-60190 for my vehicle (RHD with progressive power steering) it doesn't seem to be available. The only alternative is 44120-60170 but this is only shown on the diagrams for models without progressive power steering. I'm uncertain whether this is essentially the same but without the PPS parts which could be swapped over from the old box??
Would be grateful if anyone could shed light on this
Roughtrax have the genuine rebuild kit and they reckon it fits all 80 Series

Genuine Toyota Power Steering Box repair Seal Kit LC 80 series - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]
Thanks, that's just the seal kit and won't cure the play unfortunately, looking like a new box I'm afraid
Am I right in thinking that there are 2 points that can cause play.
1. Sector shaft adjustment with the screw.
2. Preload on the input shaft bearing.
Trouble is I cannot find how to set the preload on 2 above. Using matchmarks will only set the preload to what it was when the box was new. Due to bedding in I would think a new setting would be required.

Just very interested, don't need to go there yet.
I think he adjusted 2 in one of those videos Frank.
That was my impression too Jon. First video he forgot to put match marks on so ended up with play there.
From what others have said it may be wear in the loose ball bearings that normally cause play, I don't see how they could be adjusted but will find out more when I start taking box apart, nothing to use really as I have a spare now!
I must say I'd be a bit reluctant to fiddle too much without having any specific info regarding the settings
Sorry to slightly divert the thread, but out of interest while steering boxes are being discussed, is the 105 steering box a direct fit on the 80 series? Or is it just the shaft and arm that fit inside the 80 series housing?
I've no idea if the 105 box would fit but would like to find out. Mine has the Progressive Power Steering which may complicate things?
I think finding one would be tricky, especially in the UK/EU...
Can you post pics of this PPS box? I can't find anything on them, at least in terms of relating to 80 series.
RHD/LHD, shouldn't matter with regard to 44120-60180.
The PPS part tho...I can't even find an epv on it.

I used a tie rod puller to get the pitman off. Just be sure it's of a size that fits but not too loosely. It took very little effort to get it off using one of these.
here are a couple of pics of the pps part, I do remember seeing in on a parts drawing so I’ll try and find that. That’s encouraging if the same part (44120-60180) fits both left and right hand versions. Sorry for the slow response, I’ve been waiting for a puller which is ordered and have managed to successfully remove the arm.


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