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HJ75 canopy/camper ideas


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Dec 10, 2015
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Just wondered if anyone had any thoughts or experience of building an overland style canopy/box for the back of a 75 pickup?
Mine has a 6ft x 7ft alloy tray on which I have fitted a box from N & J Linings but I was thinking about something bigger that could carry camping gear/cooker/etc and a roof top tent.


I found this thread from 2012 by @johnnystrom which looks like the kind of thing I was thinking of

Looks like aluminium frame with GRP panels. Both sides open as well as door at the back. Not overly fitted out with drawers just using boxes. Made by Roger Young Fabrications.


A similar idea but in all aluminium from N & J Linings

overland-toyota-bespoke-4 (1).gif

Obviously you can get more complicated/expensive with fitted drawers etc, like some of these Aussie ones



I looked hard at going this route for my camper. There are companies in the UK that will make these but I found the best prices, even with taxes and shipping were from abroad If you’re not making your own.

This was one of the best I found from a company in Poland. They will make you whatever you want and at a very good price.
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It's not really what I'm looking for. I don't really want one of those snail shells, just something low profile. It's hard enough getting up hills with a 2H already :smile:
They will build you anything you require.
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