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how to carry camping gas and spare diesel


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Aug 19, 2013
How to carry Camping Gas and spare diesel?

1st question is simply are we allowed a jerrycan on the backdoor in the UK or Europe? I'd like to carry spare diesel, but 2 jerrycans on the roof is cumbersome and OTT for most trips.

2nd is gas: how do you secure (and vent?) it? Are we allowed to mount gas on the roof or in a backdoor carrier in the UK? I assume not, but many feel the roof is the best place for obvious reasons. I'd like propane as I want full 4-season use, but also considering the campingaz 904 bottles (butane) for their more efficient size. I guess most just strap them to the side of the boot?

I've searched the web and forums but not found much that's applicable to 4x4s in the UK and Europe. Some forums get very het-up about safety, on the other hand the VW camper scene don't make too big a deal of it.

I'd welcome tour thoughts, and it'd be great if you have pics of your installs!
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thanks for the link charlie, yes that's the sort of gas carrier I'm considering, I guess as a UK supplier they can confirm it's acceptable here. Putting a jerrican on the back seems to make a lot of sens to me - discrete, practical, low COG. but I rather not if it risks me getting hassle for it
This has been thrashed out on here at some length IIRC. If you have searched and not found it, it must be one of those rambling threads with a hidden message. Again IIRC, you can mount diesel cans but not petrol. The thread didn't cover gas bottles though
thanks chris, i didnt mean to open a can of worms. Yes, I did look and didnt find any mention on here hence trying the question.

such a 'hot' topic forums can't handle it! I think I'll ask a couple of commercial preparers so I'm clear on the detail. I'm intend to have a tidy and legit vehicle so want it to be as right as possible.
Oh it wasn't a punch up don't worry. it was an informed debate. I had a can on the spare wheel and it may have been me that prompted the original question. I don't recall. But we did go around all the .Gov stuff etc. There wasn't anything that said you could not. I think that there was something about carrying cans inside the vehicle actually. But you can buy bumpers in the UK - Kaymar, ARB etc with can carriers on there and no one is suggesting it's illegal to use them. Like I said earlier, diesel is a bit different to petrol.
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I've recently had a chat with the local plod about carrying fuel, the basis being I've got a petrol and I want to increase the range a bit! He said on roof ok as long as secure, in boot ok as long as secure and in proper containers, didn't discuss on the back end as n/a to my motor. He did say they'd like to see a warning sticker on the back for flammable liquids and fire extinguishers fitted. To quote "if you get a jobswoth they might try do you for carrying a dangerous load" he was most helpful and said 30 to 40 litres max.

Then had a chat with local fire brigade see their thoughts and the nice chap I spoke to pretty much said the same as the traffic officer. He did also say it's better to just carry what the fuel tank holds but knows not always that easy, said carry it when need to rather then all the time and if is an accident etc but no fire inform emergency services if need to be called so know it's there.

Neither wanted to set anything in stone but were very helpful tbh.
the rules are simple for exterior carrying of gas and fuel, basically they need to be in a position where they are unlikely to get crushed in a front or rear shunt.

I use a front runner rack for my gas bottle about £60 and standard racks for cans about £20

I carry the gas bottle and 20l diesel and 40l water

also i slightly modified the front runner rack so I can leave the regulator on and i cable tied the hose down to underneath my roof rack to a BBQ quick connector. But u must always shut off the regulator for travel same as a caravan.

ps mine is the slightly modified 120 ;)
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Common sense rules again!

Cracking photo BTW Andrew! :icon-biggrin:
Mr Cooks pictures stolen from his July trip report to the alps :icon-biggrin:
Thanks for the info Chris, Gary, and thanks for sharing your setup Andrew, it looks really practical and sensible - fantastic.

I'd been thinking about putting a single can carrier on the backdoor but pondering that even though not illegal it might not be right. It'd normally be empty but have diesel for treks. For extended trips 2 diesels would go in the double roof carrier I have, and I'd put convenient water on the back. Then I started to think about gas..

I'm kinda etching out ideas for the best roofrack arrangement anyway as I want my rooftent to be easier to get on and off, keep my weight and profile lower etc. So your setup is great food for thought. I still might consider a can on the back, just high up and inboard of the chassis and spare tyre. We'll see.

Many thanks!
This was a family trip so i needed more water and in europe there is no real risk of not getting fuel. But I always carry extra water in case you have a rad hose failure and have to refill the cooling system, this happened to a disco on my last Pyrenees trip.
Also it is surprising how much water 4 people get through!

Also I made my own roof rack and hence all the mods, the bib at the front stops the roof lights shining on the windscreen and lighting up the dash.
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