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Howdy from Boise, Idaho


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Oct 12, 2018
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Your name: Dave and Patrick and Jen and Jackson and Adam and RJ
Your Cruiser: 1992 FJ80
Mods on your Cruiser: Delta Vehicle Systems accessories out the wazoo, FJC 17" steel rims, 315 tires, 96 headliner/seats/interior upgrade, dual battery system, part-time 4wd kit, OME 2.5 kit, rear disc axle, late model front discs,
Plans for your Cruiser: Cummins 4BT swap with twin turbos (compound)
4x4 Experience: moderate, lots of snow driving and backcountry roads
Anything else you think is interesting or relevant: we are a small company based in Boise, Idaho, USA that specializes in FJ80 products and are currently working on FJ100 and FJ200 product development. Our website is

I am the "Dave" part of this company and do most of the social media and the "shop truck" above is my personal rig. We will occasionally do one off builds, currently have a 91 that we have done a full "frame off" restoration on and installed a Cummins 2.8L engine in.

I just found out about this forum and am very curious if Delta can be an advertiser or support this community in any way. If not, no biggy, either way, happy to answer any questions about our products and be an active part of this community. Will NOT actively push products if there isn't an "advertiser/supporter" role to be had.
Welcome aboard Delta Dave and Patrick and Jen and Jackson and Adam and RJ...

As the majority of members are in the UK you may not get too much call for accessories, the postie is a bit greedy across the pond.

But, the number of US new members seems to have shot up recently (maybe IH8 left the door ajar) so you might get some takers there.

I don’t know how the club deals with commercial members, but I’m sure @Crispin will let you know how it works (if he’s listening).

Gotta love 80s and your plans sound very interesting, so we’re looking forward to photos and a build thread or two... :thumbup:
Hi Dave and Welcome. Sounds interesting what you do being 80 based. As Clive says, Crispin is the chap to talk to. I can’t see why he wouldn’t be amenable to you joining the commercial side of the forum.
As above looking forward to seeing some pics of what you do.

Good to have you aboard.

Best wishes
Howdy Dave et al

Some stunning photos of one mint looking 80 on your website... very cool!

Also loving the clever tessellation of your logo on the "ceiling storage rack", your designer deserves a pat on the back for that touch :clap:
Hey all. Been a little bit, figured it's about time to get a few pics up here. This post will have some of my personal rig, mentioned above.

This one is the "full" storage shelf that @Rosy mentioned above. Quite a bit of "junk" can fit up there and remain easily accessible.


This pic was this summer at one of my most favorite places, the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. We go there every year and campaign a vegetable oil powered vehicle. Met a couple folks from the UK there this year who had a 4 cylinder Cummins diesel powered roadster, it's a pretty crazy place.

This is testing out our caster correcting radius arms for interference during "flex". Passed.

Had to check for clearance of the panhard lift bracket on the rear axle as well. Passed.

All tucked in and ready for bed...

This was taken in the Tillamook State Forest near the Oregon Coast after I participated in a TLCA event, "Cruisin' in the Woods" recently.

Same spot.
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