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Took over a metal fabrication company, what products would you guys like for your cruisers?

I'd need to do a bit of research on this, as making them would be fairly straight forward. It's finding out whether or not they would need to be load tasted and certified in order for us to be Abel to sell them, unless they were sold for "off-road use only"

Does anyone know what the procedure is for having something like this tested and rated?
I'd be taking mine over to Zimbabwe so no problem with ratings there good and chunky will do fine..
A winch bumper like this ?
Hi Ryan, Any progress on the rock sliders for a 100?
Did you get anywhere with any 80 series parts? I’d definitely be interested if you did ☺️
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Looking back on this thread, it seems Ryan has not been on here for over a year, dunno what happened to him.
To put a couple of pics on this thread, this tank was made by Ryan and I've been running it for a year now. Very well made and a lot of effort went into it. As Chris has said he's a busy man.

Needs that amount of fuel to haul those serious HD rock sliders around ;-)

Not as heavy as you might think tbh,

It's not fitted in those pics but the gearbox gaurds is probably heavier!! (6mm steel)
Hey Guys,

I’m still around, barely! As Chris and Gary have mentioned it’s been a manic year for me. Main focus has been growing the business and getting over some new business pain. That and trying to finish my race car which hasn’t been touched in a few months.

The business is however heading in the right direction and the race car is just about done.

I do have some preliminary designs done for front and rear bumpers as well as a roof rack. Gary’s put the fuel tank through its paces so I’d be comfortable bringing this to
market soon with a few minor tweaks
Suggested by Gary.