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Idle speed with AC on



Hi Guys
Julian said:
>the pump runs it will slow the engine down, but the engine should increase
>the revs to compensate - if it isn't then you need to check the settings - I
When my AC kicks in the revs go down but the engine doesn't seam to compensate it.
Before the fitment of the pusher pump and on steep slopes sometimes idle revs went
as low as aprox 500 rpm. Now with the walbro one doesn't have the feeling that the
engine is about to shut off. How serious can this be?
If I remember correctly the FSM procedure is not as easy as turn on a screw like
when adjusting idle speed.
I'll check it out tonight and probably have even more doubts tomorrow.
Does someone actually did this adjustment and can advise about it?
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Hi Joaquim,
It sounds like the vacuum actuator may be broken - if you look in the manual you
should find instructions for testing it.
Julian Voelcker
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On 6/21/05, [Email address removed] <[Email address removed]> wrote:
ew like
Idle speed adjustment is actually done with one screw. Seach the
archive for my reply to John Byrne including a link to a picture.
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80
Hi Julian, Roman, guys
>Idle speed adjustment is actually done with one screw. Seach the
I know but I think AC idle speed is on a different screw. Also
I thought that the adjust procedure was on the Toyota EM FSM
but yesterday I only found it on the Hanes manual.
I confirmed today there is a decrease in rpm when the AC
kicks, no increase at all.
So Julian may be right, maybe my vacuum actuator is broken.
The Hanes manual says that I need a vacuum pump and apply
vacuum to the actuator to test it and that's my problem.
But even if is not properly tuned there should be some
kind of rpm increase when the AC kicks, right?
BTW I had some AC smells I bought an AC cleaning foam from
Toyota by 9 euros (On auto stores I saw ones selling by
30 euros)and presto, no more strange smells. I
highly recommend it.
Joaquim 94 1HD-T Portugal
How do you use the foam??? Where do you squirt it?
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