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Key Cutting

David Killough

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May 6, 2011
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Hey everyone, I need a spare key cut, but I'm living in Angola. Toyota SA doesn't carry the UK type blanks for 80 series cruisers and everyone else has to order them from the UK or Japan.

Does anyone know if a UK Toyota dealer can cut a key based on the VIN number alone?

I believe they can cut from the VIN however, some things can go wrong, the locks may have been changed, the lock may have worn so the new key does not fit but worth a go.

Can you get it cut if you had a blank?

I am miles from the nearest dealership, if not I would say PM me your VIN and I will get you a key cut and send it over, alas a two plus hour round trip, volunteers near a dealer?


Dave, I thought as much. I've got family in Portsmouth, UK. I'll see if they can't pop over to a Toyota dealer and get a key cut. If not, they may at least be able to get me a blank or two and then a dealer in SA or Angola may be able to cut the key.
I do believe you can order a key for your vehicle from any Toyota dealer using your chassis number, it's an emergency get you home type, but if it's correct or not depends on if your locks have been changed or not.

I had a problem with my key and ignition barrel getting too worn so I replaced all my locks with a lock set, got 5 keys with it if I remember correctly.
Thanks Julian. Good to hear from you. I'm not sure if they are original or not, but I would guess they are. The ignition and all door locks are the same, and the key seems to have the kind of wear you'd expect for a 21 yr old key. I'm going to see if my in-laws in Portsmouth can have a couple of new keys cut with the VIN.
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I asked a mate of mine who's an autolocksmith here in UK if it was possible to get an 80 series key based on the chassis number, this is what he said...

Normally I would order the key number from the dealer via the chassy & reg.
Sometimes the key number is stamped on the lock body in older vehicles, check passenger lock first for stamp then drivers door lock then rear door lock if fitted.

Hope that helps!
I had a new key cut by a local locksmith company here in Townsville, Queensland in Australia to replace a well worn key that was too worn to be a template for a cut and they took the door card off and sourced a number from the lock barrel from which he was able to cut a new key, the result was excellent.
Great comments! Thanks everyone!

My Father-in-law called the Toyota dealer near him and they ordered one from the VIN. Cost £64!!! :grimacing:
Update on the key cutting. Things were taking a while since my FIL made the call for the key and it still hadn't arrived in the post. He called the dealer and they informed him that Toyota NO LONGER made that key blank!!! Nice of them to forget to call back. Still, I'm not terribly disappointed as I now don't have to pay £64. I'll swing by a Lexus dealer in the States next time I'm there. They use the same blanks as the 80 series UK cruisers and only charged me $6 for two keys! :)