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Letter from The Mayor of London. ULEZ.

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Dec 26, 2021
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Good morning to all you large engined Toyota fans. I have just received a letter from The Mayor of London, addressed to me in name and as the owner or a 1997, diesel, 4200cc Landcuiser. He has politely informed me that my beloved vehicle fails to meet the high standard required to drive into London. Reading between the lines, I think that he is hinting that I wont be able to drive anywhere else on this Sceptered Isle. (Only Radio 4 Churchillian Types will understand that statement and that excludes Mayor Khan).
The interesting point about this letter, it is addressed to me, a Northern, white working class, straight talking, probably a most obnoxious type of person, A Yorkshire Man, who has absolutely no intention of going to London, either in my Toyota, foot , train, bus, horse, bicycle etc. And a confused one at that. Am I on my own, singled out, upon receiving this polite letter from Mayor Khan or have others in 'Toyota Landcruiser Land' received 'The Letter'?......... Just interested.
Nothing here yet and i live next to junction6 M1
Our Posty, nice lad. Cyclying to work and got run over. Made a right mess of him. However, he is back at it but can only do a few days a week.
Maybe he is working for the Mayor of London handing out these letters. Has Khan been on my social media and reported me the HSBC Bank and thats why they closed my account?
Definately becoming paranoid.
Have you ever driven it in london and had to pay the congestion charge? Just a thought.... weird though innit
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Never been to London with it. I went to Saffron Walden a couple of months ago to bring a caravan back up north?
I have three children in their 20's, all living and working in central London, so mixed views.

Obviously, no one in the right mind, would want an unhealthy living or working environment. But I also know people and businesses in London who are already on the brink of financial collapse and this sadly, will probably be the proverbial 'Straw' for a lot of them!
Obviously, environmental measures must be taken, just sad that it's only the London 'Chelsea Tractor Brigade' and the Supercar 'Boy Racers' that can afford it!

With regards to Landcruisers, Defenders etc..... appart from essential 4x4 workhorses, the sad thing is that a large proportion are predominantly used just as recreational vehicles. (ie INFREQUENTLY) JUST like the hundreds of thousands of motorhomes clogging the roads, which do no more to the gallon, or any better on emissions than a Landcruiser!!

However, motorhomes seem to be viewed as a symbol of freedom for suburban retirees, whereas the 4x4s are constantly viewed as the scourge of the earth by the protesters!!
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Worth remembering Ulez expansion was demanded by a man who used to sell get rich quick schemes on the internet under a false name. Thanks Michael/Sebastian whatever your called today
If the ULEZ expansion was in the even slightest bit concerned with air quality many of those affected would have slight sympathy ...
The fact that the ULEZ expansion is all about trying to fund a failing TFL means that few believe it's justifiable.... especially those with farms and living on the north downs that now fall under it .
Glad to report as fast as they put up cameras in Biggin Hill they are removed by locals..... I think you would struggle to find a single supporter in the Bromley area .
The letter was sent out to owners of all vehicles still on the road, that at some point were registered to a London address, and are required to pay the charge because that address is now inside ulez's expanded area.
I have been watching this whole ULEZ expansion thing with interest and trepidation. A precedent may well have been set here. We have a recently introduced ULEZ here in Sheffield covering the area inside the inner ring road. It doesn't include private cars and SUV's, YET but I'm sure that will be phase 2, followed by a widening of the taxable area. I rarely go into town in the 80 and we live well outside the inner ring road but just inside the outer ring road.
If you live inside the new wider ULEZ area in London do you get charged automatically every day for simply owning a non compliant vehicle that isn't SORN or do you only get charged if/when it moves and if so, how numerous are the cameras? Could you nip to the local shops tax free for instance if you can avoid the cameras?
Obviously, environmental measures must be taken....
If the environment issue was genuine the first thing that would be done is stop consumerism, but they haven't.
The fear campaign marches on.

I live inside the N+S circulars in London, so I've been in the ULEZ area for a while. Nowadays the cruiser doesn't go out to play as often as it once did. But it still does go out as often as I want it to, it costs me £12.50 every time and I'm proud to flaunt the old girl in front of the cameras. There's no ULEZ charge on Christmas Day, so I'm thinking I should plan a project to drive by every camera in London one Christmas. It will take some organising, like the guys that visit every underground station in the shortest possible time. I think it would take the whole day, but it would be well worth the sheer bloody minded pleasure it would give me. Free!

Yeah, @Towpack, you only get charged when a camera spots you on the move. I can get to the local shops and the MoT garage without passing a camera, but not to a filling station, I can get to Screwfix & Toolstation free, but not to a supermarket. It's all done by ANPR cameras and it really pays to know exactly where every single camera is located and which way it faces. Just before ULEZ started I cycled round the local area marking every one on a street map. That turned out to be a worthwhile exercise. Round here the main dual carriageways have loads of cameras, while other busy single lane roads don't. The cameras are mainly at junctions and side roads are camera free.

Hey, @Grimbo, I'm really pleased to hear what's happening in Biggin Hill. My daughter lives near Sevenoaks and drives an old (i.e. non-compliant) car and her work often takes her to the Cudham/Biggin Hill/Tatsfield area. More places should take direct action like that. Don't waste time and money with court cases, just get out your cordless angle grinder. Actually, round here most of the cameras are high up on tall street lights, with a separate external power plug. All you need is a long ladder, just unplug it, no damage at all.

I understand the same is happening in Oxford, another of those 15 minute zones (another money maker and way of control over us) - residents removing the cameras as soon as they are put up.

I still don't understand how the guvvermint comes to the conclusion everyone lives within 15 minutes of work, hospitals, shops, dentists, eta, etc.and generate fines for those leaving their zones.
4x4s are constantly viewed as the scourge of the earth
Ya 4X4s in cities are easy targets and not much revenue. There are bigger things causing more pollution but they are all exempt as they generate lot of money. Govts forcing everyone to travel to work as money to be’s same in many countries. I guess all can keep these beasts as long as we want. It just costs more
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Recently I drove to Paris twice. Once to Eiffel Tower and once to Disney. Didn’t pay any charges as it was weekends or maybe they didn’t knew how to send fine notice to foreign cars
So you don't believe there's environment issues!
There has always been environmental change since the birth of the planet, it's what the planet does.
Taxing and fining people won't stop these changes.

In recent times we have been fed these comical gems:-

In the 60’s we were told oil was going to be gone in ten years.

In the 70’s another ice age was coming within the next ten years.

In the 80’s acid rain was going to destroy all the crops on the planet.

In the 90’s the ozone layer was going to be destroyed within 10 years.

In early 2000's we were told ice caps were going to melt within 10 years.

None of the above has happened....

It is simply to keep those who are willing to listen in a constant state of fear.
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