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Location of main loom for rear lights.......


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Aug 10, 2010
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.......I'm going to move my towbar electrics up inside the rear of Fiery to keep them up & out of all the mud & wet (they are just scotch locked directly to the wires feeding the back of the bumper lights currently in plain sight & completely unprotected :roll: ). In a ideal world I'd like to mount the 7pin socket inside the jack cover on the right hand side but I bet the loom comes down the other side :) Any help would be appreciated :D Is there a standard plug already for fitting tow bar electrics hideing in the back there somewhere :?: This would be geat :thumbup:
yes - on my LWB there was a plug in the jack compartment
i wired my towbar electrics into it

when i got the vehicle, it had just been MOT'd, one of fails had been the rear light, it had been replaced, but the garage had cut off the towbar cable... which had been scotchblocked onto the wiring
much neater now i have it soldered onto the cable inside the jack compartment
Lovely job :thumbup: Just had a look in there and found what appears to be the main loom to the rear, so should be able to pick up the wire for each light in there I hope :D I've bought one of these that I'm going to cut the plug off leaving the trailing socket then connect up the cut end to Fiery's wireing loom & leave the whole thing coiled up inside the jack compartment out of the way ready to be coiled out when required :D


What I had hoped to find in there was a dedicated towbar electrics socket ready to connect to as I had on my Forester :) When I bought the towbar wiring kit for the Forester from Subaru you got a 7 core cable fitted to a car type loom plug (white square) that you just plugged straight in with no need to trace wires or use IDC's :D Is there not such an item on the LC's :?:
yes there is - thats what i said "on my LWB there was a plug in the jack compartment"

but i didnt want to buy the Toyota towbar wiring kit, so just soldered the towbar socket and wire i had, into the factory plug in jack compartment

it was a white plug/socket as far as i remember

maybe not all LC have them?

here is a post on "the other forum" about it ... bar+wiring
Ah excellent :thumbup: Thanks for that Andy perhaps I need to have a better rumage around sounds like it's more behind the light cluster than in the jack compartment :) Hopefully Landcrusher sorry Chris will be along & post that pic that's missing in the link you posted onto here :D
Depending on the a few things the plug is usually white there is also somtimes a big blue one there as well, the kit from Mr T is, if memory serves, about £35 pounds and comes with the seven pin socket, grommets, cable ties and everything that you need to do the job.

You can get to the plug from either the tool hole or by removing the rear light, but if your going to do some soldering in there it is easier to remove the rear quarter trim wich should just pull off once the seat belt and boot cover bolts are removed.

Just a foot note the plug has one feed missing which I think was the fog light and you will have to take that feed from the drivers side. Even with the Toyota kit you run wires from both sides of the car.

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Here we go some piccys
As you can see I have now mounted the socket on the bumper up out the way.


In this picture youcan see the big blue socket that is not the one you want. The white behind it is what you arelooking for.

The white conecter at the bottom of this picture is the one you want.


:cool: Nice one chaps I'll give all of that a look over the weekend while I'm out there sweeping up broken side mirror glass :lol: ;)
I was going to post these pics & say 'Noop nothing there I guess it's Scotch Locks all the way for me' :D




But then realised that your pics are of the near side :| So back out again tomorrow :D
Looked @ doing the tow bar electrics today & found the blue & the white plugs behind the near side boot trim :thumbup:

The white plug has the left & rights indicators, brake, reversing & tail lights all in it :D There's a very handy earth point as well but I did not as yet locate the fog light feed :? I guess that this is going to need a wire run from the other side under the boot slam pannel :|



It would interesting to find out the function of the blue plug :)



On a slightly-related topic . .

Do any of you have a trailer indicator repeater light / buzzer anywhere ??

My trailer socket has been (badly) connected to the rear light wiring under the bumper and I'm about to change it as its a source of constant bad connections. There is no indicator repeater light / buzzer anywhere as far as I can tell.

I'll use the in-built socket, but I'll also add Prado wiring to the upper rear lights and indicators (orange bulbs in the reversing lights).

I would also like to fit a repeater in the dash, but adding more indicator bulbs to the rear might confuse things, so I might have to put in another relay, with a 12v feed to the rear.

Has anyone been down this path before ??


(1998 KZJ95, 3.0 litre diesel, 1KZ-TE motor).
Bob, you can take the feed for your extra indicators from the white plug . You then wire in your repeater/buzzer after the connection so that it only senses the load from the towing lights when you plug in your trailer. I did this when I fitted in my extra lights into my reversing lights. Have a look at this ... highlight=
Steve H said:
Bob, you can take the feed for your extra indicators from the white plug . You then wire in your repeater/buzzer after the connection so that it only senses the load from the towing lights when you plug in your trailer.

OK, thanks for that.

I was wondering if there was a factory-fitted repeater light/buzzer located somewhere that had been by-passed when my trailer socket was wired into the main loom ??

Good tip about the location - I'll set about obtaining a buzzer.