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Manuals, wheels for Gareth



Hi all
Just wondered what the latest on workshop manuals was, RM172E and RM184E
Also Gareth, I will have my car back in London next week, as of Monday so
may be we can arrange to meet to exchange the alloys then...?
Jeremy Llewellyn-Jones
Mob: 07831 458 793


Hi Jeremy!
Good question!
Julian has a lot on his plate at the moment-I'm sure he would rather be
involved with Landcruisers though!
He asked for volunteers to help-out, as you probably know.
Rather rashly, despite having no spare time (like most people I suspect!) I
offered to sort out the Leds.
Unfortunately, nobody has volunteered to sort-out the manual requisition?
So do you fancy having 'a go' with the manuals Jeremy?
We (me) all gain an enormous amount from the site and the "wise words of
Roman"! and lots of other very experienced people.
Julian has put an enormous amount of effort in, so I think it is only right
the rest of us do our small bit.
So please, someone make the effort to sort out the manuals, as I am writing
my own at the moment! The Haynes is 1950 PANTS!
If someone finds an American/Japanese's/Chinese source I will courier but I
am not doing more than that!
Dermot Allen