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Ministery of Transport Testing(MOT) and EGR



It was MOT testing time yesterday for me and my cruiser.
In the UK we have an emissions test as part of the procedure.The examiner
inserts a probe up the tail pipe and then floors the throttle, hopefully
your governor prevents the engine disintegrating.
I am not a fan of this particular ritual as I NEVER rev my engine without
load or to the red line so why should anyone else!
The examiner is only required to floor the throttle and may not make cable
adjustments in any way.There is also no minimum rpm requirement.
Simple solution, loosen off throttle cable and fit block of wood under
I made a throttle limiting device from a piece of car radio mounting bracket
bolted in the cruise control housing, which will live there in a non
functional form until next year.
I can send photos if required- hit me off line.
I also linked out the EGR system on my 1hdft, this can be done easily
linking the two vac switches together and the two plungers together.This
cured the flat spot just below 1800 rpm and has improved driveability no
Dave Harris
[Email address removed]
97 VX 1HDFT Devon UK
OME Springs and LTR Shocks