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Motorway permits (& Insurance - green card)



Renate wrote...
if you have AA or RAC europe-wide cover (and
that includes austria) check the small print, because if something goes
kaputt on your car, you won't have to pay the garages with AA membership,
as they have a reciprical agreement with the austrian garages (mine was a
toyo garge but I had to pay nearly 200 euros, because the RAC does not
have the similar kind of reciprical agreement....I wasn't told this before
I left the UK, I did enquire but they said I'd be covered - I wasn't -
always check the small print...
Good information Renate. Those who are likely to travel in Europe and
want some form of breakdown cover have an alternative. I, like many
of my British mates who have to make these trips both on business and
travelling home to UK or (my wealthier mates) Spain and Portugal;
belong the AA's German partners 'ADAC'.
They seem to be what the AA used to be 20 years ago, but far more
efficient and hugely respected. They are cheaper too. They are happy
to have British members and have literature in English - except the
nice glossy monthly magazine they send to my UK address. My
premium last year was just 74 euro for the premium service, somewhat
cheaper than the AA I think !
(ADAC by the way also cover Croatia - a non EU member state, and will
soon also have agreements with the successors to the 'Auto Motor
Klub' in the old Jugoslavia - Serbia/CrnaGora, Bosnia, Macedonia, Slovenia).
'92 HZJ80 ex UN Bosnia surplus
That's very interesting indeed, especially as I've not renewed with the AA
Did you know that if a car is not UK plated, the AA will not help? I pal of
mine lives in France and the car wouldn't start as he went to board the
ferry. One of his passengers had AA membership and there was a patrol right
there at the services. Because the car was on French plates, they didn't
want too help. Luckily, the patrolman was actually on the spot, so he turned
a blind eye and sorted a simple problem.
I like the sound of the ADAC, I'll take a look.
Neill Watson
On 13/4/06 9:13 am, "Jon C-W" <[Email address removed]> wrote: