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My Toyota Land Cruiser won't accelerate over 20 km/h


New Member
Jul 26, 2010
I own a Toyota Landcruiser D4D 2005. Since Saturday I have a problem with the car, the car won't accelerate over 20 km/h. At Toyota service, they've connected the car on their computer and discovered that the light on the rear plate was fault, so they've changed the electric bulb, but the problem wasn't solved - they don't know whats wrong.

Any sugestions what could be wrong?

Firstly, welcome to the forum!

Sorry to hear of your woes. Clearly it's in 'limp home' mode, (or sounds like it anyway). I'd be very surprised if a blown light bulb caused that. I'm also very surprised that Mr T's fancy diagnostic reader can't tell them what's wrong :think:

I seem to recall that the limp home can be caused by a number of faults including an electrical one. Were any dash lights on permanently at this time? Do you know what fault code the OBD reader got? There's a list of codes somewhere ...

I would find another dealer (or lay into the manager of that one). If they thought changing the rear number plate light was the culprit they running a circus...

Like Gary said, any details from the reader?
Actually - i have heard of rear brake lights causing problems with auto hilux-surfs! (colorados are very similar to these)

maybe a ECU reset could help if they have not reset the codes?
ok, I retract my previous statement :oops: (pretty odd though!)
Thank you for the welcome at the forum!!!

The fault code is 78!

Thanks for any replys!!!
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just checked,
the Hilux surf issue is: when the brake light bulb blows, you can't move the auto gear lever into Drive etc, you have to over-ride it with a red button on dash/lever.

so not that problem in this case! but the mention of bulbs going and random problems made me remember that bizarre issue with Hilux Surf's!
oh and welcome too bbhorvat8 :clap:

according to this post on "pradopoint" for fault codes

fault code "78" is:

P0627 (78) - Fuel pump control circuit (open/short/failure)

P1229 (78) - Fuel pump fail.

"The first code is that shown via an OBD reader, the second code shown (in brackets) is shown via the engine check light."

BUT depends whether the "78" code you quote is from OBD reader or the check engine light flashes

e.g. I am not sure if there is a OBD "78" code e.g. P0078?

the toyota camry OBD codes seem to be same on a few i cross-checked ... t-222.html
the camry P0078 OBD code is: P0078 Exhaust Valve Control Solenoid Circuit (Bank 1)
not sure if that is relevant to a D-4D land cruiser though
Thank's for all replys. At the Toyota service they've made a reset to the CPU

and the car works normally.

Thank's to all for advices!!! ;)