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oils oils oils



Hey Gareth
I got prices fior the Amsoil stuff if you are still interested.
Is there any other members who would or might be interested in getting some
ATF is ?48.25 for 5 litres
15w40 is ?39.95 for 5 litres
Gear oil ?48.25 for 5 litres
Tubes of grease for bearings etc is ?5.49 for 226grams
Diesel additive is ?7.99 for 480 mls
This oil is fully synthetic and for all parts of the cruisers. It is by no
means cheap infact its quite expensive but dare I say it is supossed to be
good stuff and you get what you pay for.
Depending on what is ordered the seller will give a discount of 10% and free
delivery to Gareths. Gareth and myself can then bring it down to Salisbury
to who ever wants it also this is free delivery to your cruiser, but you
must pay for the oil Sorry.
It would take about two weeks to make sure it is delivered to Gareths on
time for Salisbury.
92HDJ 80 1HDT Rep of Ireland