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Overland ready 80 Series for sale


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Mar 21, 2016
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We have just returned from a fairly epic trip during which we drove our Land Cruiser 21000 miles from the UK to Nepal . The truck has now been shipped back to the UK, has just flown through it's MoT (just a bulb and wiper), and we now unfortunately need to move it on as we no longer have a use for a vehicle of this calibre.

The truck was bought from @Lorin on the forum just over 2 years ago and has been a dream (other than a fairly catastrophic / unlucky wheel bearing incident) ever since - with only very minor items needing attention on the trip.

The vehicle is a 1992 Toyota Land Cruiser 80 (1-HDT) VX, 12 Valve with manual transmission and circa 187000 miles on the clock. It has had a huge amount of preparatory work done (all by Lorin) including:

2.5" suspension lift
2" body lift
Winch and winch bar
Axle breathers routed along the snorkel
Expedition roof rack
Custom shelving unit in the boot including a Weaco CF50 Fridge/Freezer

We are also selling it with our Eazi Awn roof tent, which I believe is the 1.4m version.

Other than a few cosmetic scratches the vehicle is in great condition. There was previously evidence of rust in the wheel arches and on the tailgate door which we had professional cut out and weld repaired (we have photos of the process if interested). The underside has been treated with a stone chip guard and the chassis is good condition with no major rust, following a thorough inspection during which we recently had two minor weld repairs carried out on the rear axle.

A couple of bad points to note:

- Whilst the vehicle is fitted with a leisure battery and 12V sockets, unfortunately the 240V converter stopped working and we got rid of this late in the trip. It will be sold with the plug and associated cabling in situ / capped so it should be a fairly easy install if you want to replace this.
- Someone in India, near the end of our trip, decided it would be a good idea to scratch a star on to the bonnet.
- Digital engine thermometer stopped working a 4 or so months ago. The dashboard thermometer appears to be working fine.
- There are a couple of small tears in the drivers side seat and the pockets in the front and rear doors on the same side are coming away slightly.
- There's a rip in the ceiling lining above the backseats - the result of a stray ice axe.
- The roof tent suffered a bit of a beating in Pakistan whilst traversing a very sketchy road half way up a cliff. The frame has been repaired and it is perfectly operable but if you look carefully you can tell there was some damage sustained.
- The tyres are fairly worn and will need replacing before a big trip.

The vehicle will be sold with 5 seats (front and back). The additional third row of seats are in storage at a friends place and can be recovered if required.

We are asking for £10,000ono for the whole set up, but will discount to £9k for anyone on the forum.

I've included a link to Lorin's original advert as it goes into a lot more detail on the specifics of the build.

The vehicle is currently in Cornwall but will be available to view in the Bristol / Bath area from the beginning of next week.

Any questions and I shall do my best to answer.

[email protected]
07747 810543

Photos below...

27992977_10155070217311856_2938627720430001999_o.jpg 28164766_10155070217486856_2795678572184262077_o.jpg 28165081_10155070217401856_1797021174707719761_o.jpg 29025788_10155116980591856_6260759954634833920_n.jpg 29026482_10155116979246856_7313914656060342272_n.jpg 29027193_10155116980456856_4062921792228950016_n.jpg 29027423_10155116980431856_3846179553286291456_n.jpg 29027463_10155116980721856_1644967131428683776_n.jpg 29028168_10155116980636856_3839287599655026688_n.jpg 29062660_10155116980076856_3794218871435558912_n.jpg 29103620_10155116979191856_5715110584748343296_n.jpg 29135992_10155116979691856_6839374173475700736_n.jpg 29136231_10155116980566856_7346309811962642432_n.jpg 29242655_10155147590956856_1090103029_o.jpg 29242896_10155147591326856_1475672907_o.jpg 30624593_1607707052683004_5523165120445808640_o.jpg 28061497_10155070217456856_5042764925310678275_o.jpg
Hi Alex,

Great to hear you completed your trip and the truck served you well. The trip photos look fantastic. Good luck with the sale - I'm also very happy to talk to anyone about my original advert and the work I did/had done.
Thanks, Lorin - that is much appreciated.

I hope you and the family are well.
Some great pics there. Good luck with the sale. What a shame to let it go after all you've been through together..
were you fending off a zombie with the back seat ice axe incident? Or is that just my imagination.. i bet you picked him up when he was hitching a lift on the side of the road and you saw him begin to change in your rear view mirror and..
get a grip man...
Thanks Chapel Gate. Yeah it is a real shame, and we will be sad to see him go. Just can't really justify keeping the vehicle and when we're not going to be using it to anywhere near its potential.

And it wasn't a Zombie - more of a mutant bear.
Great to see these trucks used properly, looks like an ace trip. Good luck with the sale :)
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Plenary of good tracks around Bristol and surrounding area to use it on.
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Great to see these trucks used properly, looks like an ace trip. Good luck with the sale :)

Thanks Dave - it certainly was a great trip and served as exceptionally well!

Plenary of good tracks around Bristol and surrounding area to use it on.

Well maybe we'll find some use for it in the meantime then....
Happy to show you around. My 80 is off the road at the moment however always people about
This is still for sale and keen to move it on.

Will consider offers around £8k...