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POR coverage & garage near B st E



Out of interest, how much POR15 do you think would be needed for the
underside of an 80 series?
It amazes me how far it goes and it's difficult to assess without spending
time under an 80 so I would (and do) buy it in the small cans, 6 x 118ml,
assuming that you are looking at The quart cans will go
hard after a time regardless of how well you make the clingfilm seal between
lid and can, whereas the un-opened cans don't set. I figure that you would
not use all six cans but I'm only guestimating. Friend of mine has painted
the underside of a Truimph Herald and a hotrod chassis and still has about a
third of a quart can left.
Reference a Toyota LC expert and garage near B St E, I can recommend Ducks
Cross 4x4. They are at Ducks Cross near St Neots.
Rodger ,
BJ40 with HJ60 running gear.
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Routine Servicing ("B" Service)

Thanks for the Duck Cross referal. Will get in touch with them and will
feedback to this board on.
I do the routine servicing myself. You know, the easy bits such as engine
oil/filter change, brake pads, air filter.
If you look at the "B" service requirements in the owners handbook then its
saying you need to do every 27,000 miles things such as:
Check Valve clearances
Change diff oil
Change transmission and transfer box oil
I'd be interested in how many members follow the recommended service
intervals religiously (apart from engine oil/filter change that is)
and how many do the basics and take a chance on the rest. I suppose my
concern is that a friend took his 2001 Amazon in to a main dealer for a
major service and paid over ?1500. Apart from new front pads the rest was
routine service.
Who adheres to the FULL service schedules
Who Doesn't ?
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