Protests over Gvt Ordinance Romania

Phenot96 Dec 17, 2018

  1. Phenot96

    Phenot96 New Member I am in united_states

    I'm not sure that this will have reached the international media, but we're enjoying several weeks of protests against the government recently issued ordinance which when it comes into force, will effectively pardon all those found guilty of corruption, most of which are the politicians that have introduced the ordinance.

    The ordinance was brought in on the pretext that the prisons here are overcrowded and the EU is imposing fines because minimum prison standards are not being upheld.

    So the answer that these corrupt political numbskulls have come up with is an amnesty that releases non-violent criminals from the prison system.

    This, by coincidence, would release all the politicians found guilty of corruption over the last 10 years or so, and quite rightly, people are not happy about it.

    There have been large scale peaceful demonstrations, with up to 300,000 attending, which is quite a sight.
  2. froggy Steve

    froggy Steve Well-Known Member Supporter I am in europe

    Typical slimey polititians getting away with their crimes. Just chop there heads off = more space in prison... .or build another prison or two....
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