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Re Almost bursting into flames



Milners are a supplier of cheaper parts for Japanese vehicles,
sometimes good and sometimes not. It depends on what you are buying.
The starter motors stick when the contacts start to wear. There
is more wear on the contact on the positive side of the ring, this
results in the ring tipping on its guide shaft and wedging in the on
position. So the starter motor is running permanently. The service to
prevent this is to replace the starter contacts, these parts are
available from toyota.
Regards, Clive.
Almost bursting into flames

Hi Benoit,
My original starter was a Toyota, when that failed I bought one from Milners
for ?175 because to get one from Toyota would have cost me ?258, now the one
from Milners has failed but they have replaced it under guarantee (it
arrived this morning).
To completely shut off the electrics I had to disconnect both batteries
before it stopped smoking. I will be considering fitting battery cut-off
switches (is one for each battery needed guys?)
Insurance companies are probably the same the world over, they don't like
giving money away if they can find a way of not doing so.
The new starter motor can't be fitted until Monday though as my mechanic is
busy, I know it is not too difficult to fit, but I am unable to do it myself
because of a back injury that stops me crawling about underneath cars.
London UK '94 1HDT 80 Auto, Safari snorkel, Custom Winch bumper and Rear
bumper with spare wheel carrier.
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Hello the guys I am confused about all this posts. But if I read write then
a originale Toyota starter Chas bought he only some month ago for ?258, then
it stucks on in the ON mode turning on the moteur again and again even
though she is already firing! Then the starter catch on fire almost. But
then another post he say that starter is from Milners- what is Milners, a
Toyota concessionaire?
These whole ideas is new to me even but I have some friends with hdg80 and
my friend with his own garage know very many things about them to. Nobody
hear of this starter things before I read this.
Please some body with good english like you guys could make a simple rapport
on what probleme is and what driver should do so fast so no fire comes.
Assurance companies here in France are like rodents(?) which mean they crawl
like worms to finding all little excuse to not pay back a accident even like
moteur fires. I rather not have fire in first space. With hdj80 have 2
batteries we must unconnect the two to save from fire? So many questions.