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There’s a thread on Facebook about it, dodgy plates welded in the chassis, imaginary owner in Spain / Instanbul selling for a friend, and pouring oil from engine and exhaust!
When you do Hardknott and possibly Wrynose, I'd suggest taking it out of D, put it into S and then you can use engine braking rather than relying entirely on the brakes to keep the speed down.

My mother got me to drive their Leyland Sherpa motorhome over Hardknott and Wrynose when I was learning to drive! It was character forming.
Thank you Guyc, that’s very useful. I go there almost every year and once in heavy rain I even burnt brakes n tyres of my Accord there. Didn’t knew this trick.
While Going down the slope, in S mode which gear should I drive the car in?
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Interesting and I'm sure we'll never know how much it fetches. Looks like a lot of work to bring it up and it'll still be one of the early ones with smaller brakes, 15" wheels etc. If he puts one battery on it will click, it needs 2.
Though you would never believe it if you ever get the chance to follow Clive's non turbo around the twisting roads of Romania :auto-rally:

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Bloody hell Shayne, that photo came as a bit of a shock, it was shiny then :wtf:
It’s looking a bit shabby now TBH, but it still goes well.
Took it down to Greece in the summer, 7-up and all our luggage on the roof. It didn’t miss a beat even though it was hot… I mean 48C type hot!

Apologies for the thread-jack, I’ll blame Shayne….
More like it:-

I wouldn't mind seeing that on a ramp, if its as good underneath.

A bit disappointed in the MOT history, obviously no MOT preparation considered necessary.
Nice condition 'Tho' Andy.... I see another seller being let down by the usual ebay scammers and No shows.....ebay is rife with it. If i was to sell my 24v 80 id put it up on this Forum only... At least you would know that its genuine interest......
"Guy agreed to buy on Sunday sort money out and collection. Now message 12 hours later saying something has come up and can not proceed."

probable sobered up..
Same vehicle I think but different plate, says its from the same Tv series...