rubber mats



Helloo all.
I'm going to London for the week end. (haven't been there for a few years,
but it used to be my wife's home town, until she became my wife)
If I new where to to look, I would get a set of rubber floor mats for my
100. Something like Catch-All, Nifty, WheatherTech FloorLiner,
Husky-Liner, SOR, etc. Do you know of any outlet where I could grab a
set? Here I can't find anything that fits. I would like to have mats that
fit well, as opposed to those that came with the car.
and thank you in advance
Ugo Hu, Oslo, Norway
HDJ100, Auto, AHC, 2001; ex HZJ80


Oh Uhu I read in the industry press that they do not like you in
London. There is a big taxe to drive you 100 there!
2008/5/5 UHu <[Email address removed]>:
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