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Scotland Trip

Navraj Singh

Well-Known Member
Mar 10, 2010
Hey guys,

Been doing many trips with the cruiser ever sice i got it.

I was planing a trip from thursday thru to monday in scotland. I have visited before and been to Stirling and Edinburgh. We were thinking to keep the trip more to do with camping, laning and hiking. Is there any where thoay you would suggest that is a must see.

West Coast of scotland is worth a visit for the scenery - mountains and lochs,
Applecross - belach na baa a great road to drive
Torridon etc

but it can be wetter on the West Coast, and midges definetly worse...

Aviemore - Speyside also a good base with lots of outdoor activities

cant really go "laning" up here, unless you have landowners permission, but there are some pay and play places

And if you make it up towards Edinburgh, let us know, maybe we can get together for a 'hello' :cool:

Although I'm working all Saturday (again ...) :(
Only been to Scotland twice.

The last time we were there we camped near Cairngorm Mountian. The whole Cairngorm National Park area was really nice.




cairngorms worth a visit

only 90mins from me, and i spend a LOT of time sliding down them, piste and off piste telemark ski mountaineering in the winter....


and i enjoy sailing at loch morlich now and again - hire dingys from the watersports centre (shown in Ignat photos above)

think i have too many hobbies sometimes...
That looks great!!!

I will love to get the contact details of all of you guys up there. If possible it would be great to meet.

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Just back from a week there. 3rd or 4th vist for hols, and can totally endorse what Andy says. The place is spectacular, especially north of the line from Edi to Glasgow roughly. West coast and highlands the best for scenery. Reliatively empty too.
Midges bother some people but don't seem to like my blood :dance: but don't forget the umbrella.

I love the place and would move near the Cairngorms tomorrow if I could. We stayed in Newtonmore, about 12 miles south west of Aviemore.
What about the cuillin mountains on the isle of skye. Is it worth visiting that place??
defintely - great hills to look at, and good to climb - although i have needed friends with climbing ropes and gear to get to summits of some of them!
We r just gona go up and go with the flow so to speak. We have a tent and shall see how it goes